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First born syndrome, or the oldest child syndrome is the negative concept of a bossy or overly dominant child. Children who are first born are often the only ch
Break ups can be a very emotional time for the one who was dumped. Read this article to discover why it's important to use the no contact rule after a break up.
VA loans are designed for Veterans, Active duty personnel, Reservists/National Guard members and some surviving spouses with all types of credit, including
Collagen is an essential protein that makes the skin healthy and shiny, and gives you younger looking skin. You will have a more radiant complexion if the skin
One of the most common symptoms after stopping birth control is the absence of menstruation. It is a term referred to as post-pill amenorrhea and is the act of
Acne is a common skin condition faced mostly by adolescents during puberty and often follows a person through adulthood. Learn how to get rid of it FAST!