Purchasing The Best Stairlift Model For You And Your Home

There are many different reasons why someone would be in need of a stairlift. From old age, to recovering from surgery, to life-long limited Motability, whatever the reasoning it is important that the right stairlift is introduced in to your life and home. For some people, money is the biggest deciding factor, so it can be very important to purchase a newer model of stairlift. This is because they are easy to find parts for, should one break, and they will not be as expensive as the other and older models.

The Brooks Slimline stairlift is a well trusted model, taking its place proudly in many homes, care homes, and restaurants. For some people it is the model that they will see themselves using for the rest of their days. The stairlift comes with a joystick control that is simple to use, and does not take a lot of pressure. This means that anyone suffering with arthritis or other joint problems can manoeuvre the joystick with ease, gliding from top to bottom of the stairs simply.

They are run on DC power packs that charge themselves automatically after each trip- in the instance of a power cut, these stair lifts should be able to manage another five to six trips depending, meaning nobody needs to be stuck upstairs. A remote control system means that if the stairlift is left upstairs, or downstairs, by someone else in the home, it can simply be called up or down, wherever it is needed, with the use of the remotes.

The Minivator Simplicity 950 Stairlift is Minivator's entry level straight stairlift. It is their most basic, yet still effective, stair lift that they have. Because of its simplicity - as the name suggests - this is usually the most reasonably priced Minivator stairlift, and many people find it agreeable thanks to that and how easy it is to use. Straight stairlifts are the main benefactor of this stairlift, however it can be fitted to a three step 90º turn onto a landing, when it is fitted with a folding platform. This means that despite its simplicity, it can be placed in numerous places.

The Minivator Simplicity comes with safety sensors which will make the stairlift stop should it notice an obstruction upon the stairs, a seatbelt for extra comfort and security, and other features to enhance the experience. This stairlift can carry a person of up to 120kgs (19 stone), which also means it can take most people along with a basket of washing, or a bag of toiletries, new bedding, new clothing, and various other things. It also means that various different people are able to use the Simplicity with ease, making it versatile despite its basic functions.

However there are more complex selections that can be made in contrast to the Simplicity. The Cumbria is one of these. This stairlift offers the basics of comfort, sleek design and home help, with a few extras. The Cumbria is a stair lift that combines elegance, comfort, and superior workmanship, to provide a wonderful and easy to use stairlift. These stairlifts are made in the United Kingdom, which means that the carbon footprint of transporting them from place to place over the United Kingdom is very small, compared to those who may choose to import. In a time when thinking of the climate is one everybody's mind, this is a blessing in itself.

If needed, these stairlifts can be adapted and added to, in order to make them suitable for children and younger adults whom may have Motability limits, or other needs. Various Local Authorities and Health Care Professionals choose the Cumbria stairlift, and knowing this may sway people in to trusting the company also. If so many people choose them, then they must be reliable. Not only that, but they are also affordable, safe, and cost-effective.

For some people, a stairlift needs to be more than an up and down affair. Negotiating landings and corners isn't possible for straight stairlifts, but that is why there are alternatives that exist. Curved stair lifts can be put just about anywhere. The Platinum Curve is no exception to that rule. This is a stairlift that is able to twist, turn, and take on the shape of your stairs in order to comfortably take you from floor to floor. A PDMC motor is used in Platinum Curves, to allow for a ride that literally glides over the stairs at a gentle pace, without jerking and sudden quakes.

The special rail bending and twin rail mechanical levelling system assist the PDMC motor in the smooth ride, making it even more gentle and comfortable for the rider. This is a stair lift that comes with an incredibly comfortable padding and cushioning on the seat, making it as comfortable to just sit on it as it is to ride it. The sensitivity of the sensor will stop the stair lift should it come across any obstruction upon the stairs, meaning it can be removed safely before continuing.

Curving up stairs can be done by other stairlifts. The Bison 80 stairlift is one of those. Bison is one of the UK's leading stairlift suppliers. In selecting a Bison stairlift, you are selecting a company whom has over 20 years of experience within the fields of designing and manufacturing stairlifts. The Bison 80 is a lot like it's straight staired companion, the Bison 50, in that it incorporates many of the characteristics of the 50 - which is Bison's best seller - making it a smooth and easy ride, simple enough for anyone to navigate even with the curved stair additional. The Bison 80 can accommodate and fit to virtually all types of stair cases that are anything but straight.

Because the Bison is slim, even if it is left halfway up the stairs you will find it simple enough to manoeuvre around even on narrow stairs. The look of the stairlift chair is that of a modern and stylish piece, to make it blend in to your home and keep it looking wonderful. The speed of the stairlift can be adjusted; however it is automatically changed by the stair lift to give you the smoothest and most comfortable ride you can have.

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