How To Make Useless Things Useful Again

There are always things in your home that become useless after only one use or just old stuff that you want to throw out. But why throw away thing that can serve a different purpose in your home. In this article we'll discuss some of the thing you can keep in your home despite the fact that they are old and look awful

The first thing that you probably throw away constantly and you can reuse again is egg cartons. If you like painting these cartons can be used for containing different acrylic or oil paints. Especially if they are big, you'll have all the space you need for mixing different colours and trying new paint. Once you finish using the egg carton you can let it dry and store it for another time when you get a sudden rush for painting.

Glass jars have thousand of uses in your home. Usually, they hold jam, pickles or other sorts of food products. But with time the top of the jars may chip and become dangerous for food storage. When this time comes do not throw out the jars but instead used them as plant pots. Of course they don't have holes on the bottom and they're not comfortable for a big plant. But they are perfect for growing seeds for example.

Used coffee grounds can also be used for you plants. Mix the coffee with a bit of soil and use it in your garden or your pots for fertilizing. The coffee makes the soil much softer and allows air and water to got the roots of the plants much easier. Also the softness of the soil will let the roots of the plant develop much better and they can grow freely.

Old metal and wood buckets can be repainted and used like all sorts of things. You can place them close to the door and keep umbrellas inside or you can turn them into large plant pots. They can be used for storing potatoes also.

Toilet paper rolls are also a reusable item. If you have fireplace and have a problem with starting a fire, just fill a toilet paper roll with paper add a few drops of alcohol and you can light a fire easily.

There are tons of unneeded items like these here's just a few of them : old t-shirts – you can make rags, shredded paper - great packing material, tin cans- great pen or pencil holders and many, many more.

I hope these article gives you some other ideas for other items that you can reuse in your home and remember that if you are in Australia and need an emergency cleaning procedure, you can always call the cleaners offering home cleaning in Melbourne.


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