12 Ways To Get Rid Of Acne

Acne is a common skin condition faced mostly by adolescents during puberty and often follows a person through adulthood. The dilemma it causes to its victims brings not only physical infliction but also psychological strains, in the form of lower self-esteem and insecurity.  If you are experiencing acne onslaught right now or for some time already, then you completely understand how it gnaws away at your confidence and flaws your skin’s features.

Therefore, you have to seek ways to eradicate it or at least prevent it from sprouting on or proliferating across your skin.  Here is the essential information you will need to effectively help you in eliminating this seemingly small yet exasperating problem.

Acne Cures for Everyone

You are not only capable of preventing acne; you can also be equipped with the capability to counter them when they inevitably appear. Often, no matter how you keep your skin clean and pampered, blemishes and breakouts will surprisingly spring from nowhere. What are the culprits behind acne development? Hormonal imbalance, unhealthy dietary habits, genetic inclination, or stress might be the reason. There are a myriad of other causes, but the condition is not devoid of solutions.

Whether you're suffering from the common “acne vulgaris,” the severe type “cystic acne,” annoying whiteheads, or visibly irritating blackheads, there is a wide array of surefire acne remedies available. Prevent the onslaught of black acne marks or other forms of acne scars that, if not treated properly, might permanently damage to your skin.

The following subsections give twelve effective ways to get rid of acne. Get to know each acne cure and don’t hesitate to try them out and spread the word!

1) Wash Your Hands and Your Hair

You should never touch your skin to avoid acne infection and inflammation, but that is not practically possible right? So what you can do in order to avoid passing on the dirt and grime from your hands to your acne filled areas and evade adding them to your already-clogged pores, is to wash your hands thoroughly and regularly. If you are on the go, you need to bring a sanitizer with you so that you can clean them from time to time. It is preferable that such cleansers contain antibacterial as well as moisturizing properties.

In addition, you should also wash your hair daily, particularly if it tends to get oily and you notice that pimples or blackheads occur around your hairline.  If the oil and the dirt from your hair get in contact with your skin, it will contribute to acne breakouts. So keep your hair or bangs held back so that they won’t be touching your face.

2) Don’t Prick or Pop your Active Pimples

You have to avoid picking or popping those zits, deliberately or instinctively. According to Jeannie B. Downie, M.D., a dermatology expert, pimple-popping will not make it go away but will only exacerbate the problem. Squeezing a pimple actually brings the pus and bacteria deeper into the skin. Thus, the swelling and the redness will only get worse, enlarging the acne spot. If you don’t want to leave permanent scars in your face and have to deal with concealers to keep them out of sight, then resist the temptation.

3) Eat the Right Foods

According to Dr. Francesca Fusco, a dermatologist in New York, though the correlation between food and acne had been controversial, the two are undoubtedly linked with one another. Some foods increase hormonal activities, particularly diets that have a high-glycemic index, which pertains to a measure of how a food affects the blood sugar levels. High-glycemic foods such as French fries, candies, breads, white rice and potatoes stimulate insulin increase. The more the insulin secretion is, the greater the sebum oil production. The greater the sebum oil production in the sebaceous glands is, the greater the chance of pore clogging and thus of acne proliferation.

Thus, you need to be extremely careful in choosing the foods you eat. Some great foods that will help you clear your skin of acne include fruits, vegetables, whole grain, lean proteins, unprocessed, low-sugar, and meals low in fat content. You can consult a dietitian if you want to have a clear-cut dietary regiment that is guaranteed to be healthy for the skin and not to cause acne.

4) Drink Plenty of Fluids

The simplest way to get rid of acne is to drink lots of fluids, particularly water. Water is a great agent in accelerating your body’s detoxification process, thereby freeing it of harmful substances that can cause acne breakouts. To ensure proper hydration, you need to drink at least eight glasses of water every single day. A healthy diet will not be at its optimal level without this essential bodily requirement.

5) Exercise Regularly

Apart from being an effective stress reliever and a great way to stay physically fit, exercise is also an effective way to get rid of acne. It restores hormonal balance which in turn reduces the production of sebum in the follicles of your skin. Since exercise makes you perspire, it cleanses off dead skin cells towards the epidermis’ outermost surface.  It also gives off endorphins, neurochemicals which generate positive feelings thereby reducing stress.  Be sure, however, to take a shower after cooling off in order to wash away the sweat and the dead skin cells in your skin. A moisturizing body cleanser is recommended.

Moreover, while you are engaging in the fitness activity, make it a point to wear clothes that are loose enough to not be in firm contact with your skin. The friction and heat ensuing between your skin and the athletic gear may cause acne so be sure that they are not that snug-fitting. Clothes made of cotton material are preferable.

6) Manage Stress

Stress is one big acne-causing factor. When you feel the pangs of stress, like overwhelming worries and anxieties, your body reacts negatively. Too much stress causes the adrenaline glands to trigger the release of hormones which are higher than the normal amount. Along with the quickening of your heart rate and the sharpening of your body’s reaction sensitivity, the hormonal increase heightens sebum oil production, which in turn clogs the pores and cause breakouts.

So if you already have an acne problem, do not make it worse with worrying over it all the time. Nothing will happen if you look at the mirror and wallow over your condition. You only need to learn how to let out the steam and not take it all in to cause hormonal imbalance in your body. How to deal with stress? Think positive! Optimism is the key to drive away negative thoughts and emotions. Approach a counselor for help if you can’t seem to get the proper perspective.

7) Get Adequate Sleep

A study conducted by scientists at the University of California led to the conclusion that lack of sleep worsens acne’s inflammatory conditions because of the increase of cytokines in a person’s blood. If you’re having trouble with frequent insomnia, search for ways to battle it or seek medical help. You badly need that beauty rest so get it.

Start with consistently getting eight hours of sleep a day. For that, you need to set the time in hitting the sack so that you get used to the routine. You also need a peaceful and comfortable sleeping environment which will not cause disruptions to your slumber.

8) Have a Benzoyl Peroxide Always Ready

Over-the-counter products do come in handy, so buy beforehand. Apply a small dab of the cream or the gel gently on the breakout spot overnight and patiently wait for the results. It might take three weeks to completely heal but it is definitely worth it than carrying the acne in your face permanently. Products with this chemical as the prominent agent kill the acne-causing bacteria and trigger the birth of new skin layers after peeling off the dead and harmful ones. Many people have tried benzoyl peroxide and have not regretted the application so you better try it too.

There are also other products that have been proven to be quite effective in fighting acne, such as salicylic acid and birth control pills for women. Salicylic acid may not have bacterial killing and sebum production intervention properties but it is an effective outermost layer peeling agent. Be careful to avoid applying it to damaged or sensitive skin, though.

What do you mean by mentioning the consideration of birth control pills? You may be asking that right now. Well, the Food and Drug Association has provided its approval on some birth control pills as acne treatment agents. All of the three that the health organization granted such property to contain the hormones estrogen and progestin, which are said to lower the production of sebum oil and thus reduce acne formations. However, there are side effects to taking such drugs, including nausea, weight gain, mood swings, depression, and frequent headaches. Therefore, if you are not in the best shape to be taking such oral contraceptives, and of course if you want to get pregnant, don’t resort to taking such pills.

9) Avoid Acne-Causing Makeup Products and Moisturizers

Carefully watch out whether blemishes appear a lot after patronizing a certain moisturizer and makeup type or brand. If you have noticed that such in fact noticeably happened to be so, then switch to safer and gentler alternatives. You should opt for non-oil based makeup products because oil-based ones can irritate your skin and thereby clog your pores. Apart from that, a product that has a non-comedogenic label is recommended for you because they are gentle to the most sensitive skin. Non-fragrance ones are also preferable because they don’t contain much chemical ingredients than scented ones.

You should always be careful, however, to gently wash off the makeup on your face at the end of the day. Don’t leave makeup on when you sleep for that can lead to more painful and severe breakouts at your waking hours.

10) Ensure Adequate Nutrient Intake

Expert dermatologists have assessed that a lack of some essential nutrients makes the skin more prone to acne. So be sure to incorporate in your diet foods that are able to suffice your Vitamins A, C, E, Glutamine and zinc requirements. What do these vitamins have why you need it so much in order to get rid of acne? They contain antioxidant properties that detoxify your body and eliminate bacterial formation. They also ensure the skin’s health by enhancing skin healing and scar prevention. If you have such nutrients’ deficiency, your body will have lower immunity against acne-causing elements.

11) Practice a Regular Skincare Regimen

The key to a clear and smooth skin is painstaking consistency in caring for it. Don’t expect instant results because getting rid of acne--especially when it's chronic--can take some time. Patience is an important and indispensable prerequisite that should accompany your efforts. Once you have discovered that a particular routine works for you, adhere to it and don’t let anything impede you along the way. Don’t think of it as a task, think of it as a habit that will give you the beautiful skin you have always desired.

Don’t forget to incorporate the aforementioned ways in your skincare regimen, such as personal hygiene, a good diet, regular exercise, stress management, and adequate rest. Your skin deserves the best, so give every step of the way your best shot.

12) See a Dermatologist

If you want to fully be knowledgeable of the ins and outs of fully beating acne, then you may have to seek the help of a dermatologist. The skin expert’s help and guidance will be your best bet into overcoming the infiltration of those nasty acne breakouts. He or she may recommend oral antibiotics, therapies, and laser treatment that will help you get rid of your skin conditions in the long term. Don’t hesitate to part some time and cost, for the benefits you are going to reap from the consultations and recommendations are worth all of it. Just make sure to comply with everything he or she advises you to do to avoid unwanted complications.

Acne can be a bothersome condition, especially when it's already breaking out. But like any other problem, it is not devoid of solutions. For any of the 12 mentioned cures to take optimum effect, you do need discipline, and of course, the know-how.

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