3 Ways to Make Sure That You’re Not Leaving Money on the Table

There are few better feelings than knowing that you are making the most of your marketing and advertising dollars.  With a few simple tweaks, your Facebook page and ads should be able to fully deliver to their potential, and you will be getting the "best bang for the buck."

Whether it's attracting new fans or engaging the ones that you already have, there are cool tricks to make sure that you aren't leaving "any money on the table."  Here are three techniques you can implement right away:
1.   Capture a 'like' and an email address with one landing page
But wait--there's only supposed to be one call to action, right?!  Yes, but you CAN do both at once.  Shh...here's the secret: a squeeze page.  You offer a free digital gift (like a report) that people can get once they press like, then they are led to another page with an opt-in box so that you can deliver the free gift.
You are now prepped to engage with your new fan over Facebook and with email marketing.
Here is an example of Ryan Deiss' Facebook Sequence rocking his landing page, and getting two for the price of one.
And Brian Tracy's Facebook Sequence:
2.   Getting your current Facebook fans to opt-in
If you already have a ton of fans, and you're looking to add them to your email marketing campaigns, consider adding a Facebook page specifically to pick up their email addresses.
A free option would be to post an incentive in a status update with a link for your fans to go to sign up for your email list.  Or if you don't mind spending a little money, some companies set up Facebook ad campaigns (with incentives) that specifically target their current fans.
The restaurant, Chili's, gives away chips and queso sauce for any new sign ups for their email.
If you have loads of fans, but they are not in the habit of buying anything from you--this could be a nice option.
3.   Advertise to NEW fans.
Once you have a new fan for your Facebook page, you can begin to engage with them for a specific offer.  Remember, they've just selected 'like' which means they like you.  They really, really like you!
Consider what kind of offer would be particularly irresistible for someone newly interested in your business, and offer it through an ad.
So "strike while the iron is hot" and advertise to your new friends who want to engage with your business.  Within minutes of 'liking' the Ryan Deiss page, new fans may see this ad on their sidebar.
Just three techniques?  We're just warming up here!  Step-by-step instructions and recommendations for different business models are included in the monthly insights program.
What do you think is the best technique to ensure you're completely utilizing your advertising dollars? What one technique stands out above the rest?
I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comment field!


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