5 Ways to Increase your Facebook Ad Click Through Rate

We've learned a thing or two over the years about increasing click through rates.

Now we want to share some of our top tips with you. Read on to discover 5 ways to entice people to click your ad!

Use close up pictures of people. In our testing, we have found this to be the best type of image for catching people's attention and getting them to click on the ad.

To be even more specific, images of happy, smiling women are your best bet. Your ad image isn't meant to be literal, it's meant to convey a lifestyle or evoke an emotion.

Would you rather click on a photo of a product (which, because of the size of the ad, people can't see really well anyway), or on a picture that carries the promise of potentially making you happy, solving your problems, or cheering you up?

Also make sure the image is only of the face – these tend to do better than images that show the whole body.


Focus on color. If you think your color choices aren't that important, you are very, very wrong!

Use colors that stand out. Bold, exciting colors that pop out from the page will increase your CTR. You are not only trying to make your ad stand out from other ads on the page, but from the Facebook interface itself.

Blatant Teaser: Want to know which 3 colors will dramatically increase your CTR? Want to know which 3 colors you definitely DON'T want to be using? We tell you in our Insights training!

Make sure your ad copy is clear. Prequalify your clicks by specifying what exactly you want people to do.

Once people have clicked on your ad, you are going to be asking them to do something on the next page. What is it?

Enter their email to receive a free ebook? Like your page to watch an exclusive how-to video?  Make it clear in your ad what you're going to be asking people to do.

If you're looking for more guidance on writing high converting headlines, check out our article on writing PPC headlines that get results.

Have a reason for your ad. Be specific. If you don't have a reason, create one! Have a sale, offer a discount or free gift, or advertise a limited time promotion.

Don't think people are going to click through just because you're asking them to. Give them a reason why they need to click NOW.

Use action words. Use words that conjure up images of physically grabbing your deal or product.

Get people to imagine grabbing your offer

'Grab this'.

'Take it'.

'Claim yours'.

These all work well to get people to take action. Action words elicit an emotional response – people don't want to miss out, and action words convey a sense of urgency.

Using these 5 tips can dramatically increase your click through rate, and in turn, your overall success with Facebook advertising.

What other tweaks have you noticed make a big difference in your CTR?


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