How Effective Are Newspaper Ads?

In the age of electronic media of internet, TV, radio, etc., many of us often wonder if newspaper ads are effective or not? The truth is, yes, as newspapers are still the cheapest medium by which one can get to a wide population. It’s true that the number of internet users are increasing day by day, but newspapers are still indispensable. Newspapers are still by far the primary medium by which people check ads related to their needs. People who run businesses, no matter how big or small the Business is, still prefer newspaper ads as the most effective tool to impress upon the reader to buy their product.

Today, at this time, everybody is busy and the attention spans of most people have lessened, so the newspaper ad should be planned strategically to catch the attention of the reader. The ad should be placed keeping in mind the target audience and the place where the ad is most visible. There are usually two types of newspaper ads, one is the text ad and the other is the classified one. There are display ads, retail ads, business ads, etc. Also lot of newspapers nowadays have their web version as well, so that helps too.

There are many points which make a newspaper ad effective. The particular ad should know its target audience. What are their likes and dislikes and what makes it click and hence the reader will take the brand more seriously. The ad should be simple in its approach. It should persuade the readers of their benefit through the ad and how they can save money and have a better life. All in all, the ad should be simple, and yet it should have an appeal. As you have heard many a times that a picture speaks a thousand words, hence the visual presentation of an ad is also very important. It should grab the attention of, and then trigger an emotional response of the reader.

The ad should be likeable, persuasive and memorable to the reader. Since it is no more an age of black and white, you can also spice up your ad by colouring it which will keep the reader more involved, which in turn boosts the in-depth reading of the ad. There is a lot of competition in placing an ad as everyone, from all types of Businesses, are trying to seek attention of the reader. This means that the ad should be distinct and stand out from the rest. The size does matter while placing an ad as it provides the reader with the brand's objective. To have a big impact the ad should be larger, which is really needed when a new product is launched in the market. Small ads, however, can also be used effectively. The newspaper ad should create an emotional response in the readers and connect to their feelings. In lot of ads humor plays a key role. One just has to find the right newspaper to advertise in, as newspapers are by far still the cheapest and viable way to market any product and build an impression.

Creating Newspaper ads can be critical for some Businesses, while other Businesses may consider it a waste of money. Always start with a small test if you decide to launch a new ad.


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