Are Newspaper Ads Effective?

This is the most obvious question that many of us would have in this era of Internet and TV. Well, a straightforward answer is ‘yes’! This is because the number of people reading the newspapers is certainly more than the number of people surfing the Internet on daily basis.

As a matter of fact, among all the mediums available for advertising, a newspaper is yet the cheapest as well as a far reaching one. Right from our teens to the elderly, a majority of people first come across the newspaper rather than the Internet. Even today, newspaper is within the reach of majority of the population living on the planet.  

Newspaper vs Internet: Which is More Far-reaching?

It is also true that many people have started to use the Internet, and that their numbers are really on a big peak. Despite this, it is yet true that newspapers have become a necessity. Poor people, illiterate youngsters, housewives, singles, and the elderly; all prefer reading the newspapers for finding out the relevant ads according to their needs.

This is mainly because they all have an easier access to the newspaper than the computer screens, TVs, or cyber cafes. Every morning, the seller drops the newspapers at their doors.

All they need to do is just pick up and turn the pages until they reach the classified page. In the same way, even the small as well as medium-scale companies prefer giving ads in the newspapers because they consider the medium as the most effective tool to recruit employees or sell products/services. Nobody can deny the fact that even today newspapers are by far the main medium via which folks of all ages check ads according to their qualifications and needs.

Nowadays, home business is in full force, which is another entity that prefers giving ads in newspapers. It needs labor and talent, and for that, it always considers newspaper ads so that diverse talented people can reach such business hubs.

Newspaper Ads: How They Should be Designed?

In this busy world, in fact, hectic world; nobody has time to spend even a few minutes on ads. Therefore, a newspaper ad should be such that it instantly grabs the attention of the person who reads it.

Therefore, the ad maker should consider the target audience as well as the location where the ad will become most visible. Actually, one can think of different newspaper ads, such as text ad, visual ad, retail ad, recruitment ad, and business ad according to the needs. To determine which type of ad is effective, one must pay attention to the purpose as well as the likes and dislikes of the target audience.

The ad maker should know what kind of stuff will make the target audience read the ad more seriously. Second, irrespective of the type of ad designed, it should be simple but yet convincing enough to the readers.

Remember that adage, a picture speaks thousand words? That is exactly worth remembering here! Why end up wrapping everything in words when just one visual is enough to make an appeal to the reader? Remember, the goal is to gain the emotional response of the reader! But avoid being too wordy, too imagery, and too jazzy.


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