Outdoor Business Signs Design Elements

Outdoor business signs require a few simple design elements and considerations. Making the business signs easy to read, understand, and spot are the most important elements. That means color choice, font choice, and even what goes on the business signs.

Here are four important design factors:

1. Keep it simple
Keep the message on business signs simple and easy to understand. There is no need for a lot of words, any slogans, or unnecessary information and graphics. Just the name of the business, a logo, and possibly a phone number if needed. No website, no physical address, and no photos.
Remember, people will only see these while they are driving or walking, so they only have a few seconds to look at any business signs. Too much information and clutter, and they are easier to ignore.

2) High contrast of colors
Use colors on the business signs that are easy to see and tell apart, like black or red text on a white background, or black on yellow background. Avoid color combinations that are hard to read. For example, red on green is one of the worst possible combinations. Bright colors next to each other are also a problem. Basically, colors that are next to each other on the color wheel -- yellow and orange, blue and green, red and purple -- are bad combinations. Dark letters on a light background are always the best, especially if the business signs are lighted.

3) Know the audience
Who will be reading the business signs? This is where font choice, color choice, and even the design style of the signs will be important. Very fancy fonts and script fonts are hard to read from a car. Fonts with a serif, like the kind often found in a book or magazine may be hard to read. They are better suited for large blocks of text, like in, well, a book or a magazine. Sans serif fonts (meaning "without serif" or "without decoration") are ideal for headlines, because they can be read from long distances, and are suited for just a few words. At the same time, odd fonts on business signs may fit with the theme of the business, so choose carefully.

4) Location affects design
If signs need to be seen from the car, make sure they have a very basic design. For example, a billboard should have seven words or fewer, should use the largest font size available, and use a sans serif font. Meanwhile, a commercial sign in front of a store can give a little more information, use different or unusual fonts, and carry graphics and logos.

Finding the right design for a business sign can make all the difference in the world when it comes to attracting customers to bring them into a business. Choose the sign design carefully.

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