A Few Tips On Advertising Your Insurance Agency

If you're an insurance agent looking to enhance your business, read on for some ideas that should really benefit your insurance coverage marketing plans.

Send Automated Voice Message Calls. You may possibly be a little bit skeptical on utilizing this approach of marketing, but many agents use it fairly often. It is incredibly cheap and can be more useful than you believe. Pre-record a message making use of your own personal voice and send it out to your userbase-- it could possibly be a simple marketing notification or potentially even a thank you to the latest signups.

Carry & Give Out Tons of Business Cards. You have undoubtedly said at least once in your life, "I do not have a business card on me at the moment". Well, simply put that is unsatisfactory. From now on, CONSISTENTLY make sure that you have a lot of business cards with you. Offer them to probable clients, leave them on counter tops, or even with a waiter or bartender when you leave a gratuity. When your supply gets low, make sure to get more printed.

Ensure Your Site Is Submitted to DMOZ.org. The DMOZ, or Open Directory Project is practically the most respected internet directory site that you can get listed in. However, each site is still added manually and examined by a human being instead of an algorithm, so to get accepted you will need to make sure that your website is well-constructed and valuable to the public.

Post Letters From Your Clients. If a client composes a letter or posts a review that applauds your company, re-post it in viewable locations. Many folks rely mostly on other's encounters when shopping, so any sample of writing that you can offer to show your attention to detail and care for your customers could be very valuable to your insurance promoting plans.

Strengthen Your SEO. The more websites and back links that properly have your name, company, and most importantly URL that link back to you, the better your online search engine positions will be. If you're having trouble getting ranked, you might want to reach out to a SEO company that can assist you with this endeavor specifically.

Wear Your Company On A Shirt. Visibility is crucial to brand recognition. Get your company's name printed on shirts and give them to your staff. Wear them to pertinent functions and whenever else is appropriate.

Give Out T-Shirts To Clients. In addition, distribute t-shirts to clients. It will be alluring to hand out the cheapest ones available, but re-think this strategy. You want the customer to actually wear the t-shirt, so make sure it does not fall apart after a few washes.

Survey Your Clients And Post The Outcomes. This may be completed swiftly and efficiently, normally via a form on your website or through e-mail. It's useful for both parties, as you will get to uncover areas where you can improve, and your customers may feel obligated to say a little something nice about your agency, which you can in turn use as consumer quotes.

Put Pens Everywhere. Pens are low-cost, and there are lots of places that can always use some extra. Whenever you see a jar half full of pens, drop a handful of your own into it. Regularly spread your brand name by any means necessary.

Use LinkedIn. While this will not necessarily help you with direct sales, it will most certainly assist you in improving your network. Remember that networking with existing clients and associates isn't the major focus here-- it is reaching out to and connecting with their connections, growing your online presence and making yourself more well-known.

Mike is an independent insurance agent that has more than 20 years of experience in insurance sales and related endeavors. http://www.agentlinkmarketing.com.


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