Don't Miss These Low Cost Advertising Methods

You've already spent your advertising budget, but haven't gotten much response. I hear that problem from folks just about every day. Fear not, there are super cheap advertising strategies you can do for no more than a dollar a day. And these methods are PROVEN to work for small businesses.

Not a problem. Let's dip into the classic marketing archive for some proven low-tech advertising methods that work for even the smallest budget. These are affordable dollar-a-day marketing strategies that are still being used extensively with top-notch results.

1. Print 100 copies of your Flyer on colored paper, then distribute, mail, or set on the store counter for your best customers and prospects. Start your flyer with a bold headline that proposes a solution for a common problem your customers struggle with. Have the copy describe the problem and how difficult it makes life for your customer. Then list the ways your product, service, or idea will help them solve the problem. Finally list ways customers can buy from you and how to contact you.

Flyers are extremely popular and effective in some communities and rare or outlawed in others. So check your local laws and customs before proceeding.

2. Create your free account on Google+Local. When people in your area search for a business, you will be listed in the featured local businesses area. That's the best, most visible listing you can get on Google. All you need is a physical address. And you don't need a website. Allow one to two months for your entire Google+Local listing to go completely live.

3. If you meet customers face to face, have business cards. These days you can get them free plus shipping. So have 500 on hand and pass them out whenever possible. Business cards are still being used by the billions for a reason -- they work!

4. Mail a sales letter (or email it) and follow up with a phone call. This is a classic marketing method that has and IS being used to build huge companies. Your sales letter should go like this: Dear so-and-so, here is a problem you have. Here is how your problem is going to get worse. List the ways you can solve the problem. Finally show how to buy and/or contact you. Wait a week, then call. "Did you receive my letter? Here's what I wanted to tell you." Repeat your message. Develop a relationship and get the order.

5. Practice your elevator pitch. That's a very short description of what you do. "I'm Jean Green. I develop easier, more effective accounting for small businesses. I'm at" (actually that's a cookware site :-) Offer your elevator pitch to everyone you talk to. People find it interesting and being brief will keep you from seeming pushy. You never know who will be your next customer. I've known people who built six figure profits using an elevator pitch. Include your elevator pitch at the end of emails.

There are hundreds of these dollar-a-day advertising methods. Watch for them being used all around you by smart businesses. Copy what you see and like. You'll be enjoying increased profits while spending very little.

Kevin Nunley has been writing about low-cost marketing for many years. See hundreds of his free ideas at Also get your powerful ads and sales letters for as little as $5 at Kevin's


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