Can I Get Toned While Dancing?

Depending on the type of dancing you do, yes, you can get toned. Dancing requires a lot of stamina and energy as you need to use many body parts throughout the course of the time you spend on the dance floor. 

Something to keep in mind is that most people want to go "drinking and dancing," which is not something you should expect to help you in your efforts to get toned. First off, alcohol and your liver do not get along, and your liver is required to remove fat. The problem, if you haven't already figured it out, is that your liver, while trying to burn off alcohol, cannot remove fat. This is something that most people do not consider when trying to build muscle or lose fat. So, if you're thinking that dancing and drinking will help you, think again.

Now, if drinking isn't being considered, you're in luck! Dancing burns off quite a few calories and requires many different muscles that can be toned if you also eat good. Remember that abs are made in the kitchen and so are all other muscles.

Hip Hop dancing is great for a lower body workout. It's very cardiovascular friendly and requires a lot of athleticism compared to most dancing styles. Dancing this style will help you build your quads, calves and glutes.

If you're into Ballet, you're going to use your legs moreso than most dancing styles. It requires a lot of balance, which means you need to use a lot of different muscle groups. After your first attempt in ballet, you're going to see just how many muscles you are required. You will definitely feel it!

Jazz Dance works legs, hips and even your upper body. This style is probably the most full body friendly dance style that you can try. You will not just burn a lot of calories, you will also build a lot more muscle all around. It's a great workout.

Regardless of the style of dance you choose, you will not go wrong by just moving around. Just be sure to eat right and not consume alcohol, which will definitely backfire on your attempt to tone any muscle group. 

Eat well!


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