The Reasons Why You're Failing As An Affiliate

Working online has got to be the best way to work. I will not lie. I absolutely love not having to answer to a boss, manager or 'upper management'.

But what happens when you fail to become a "Super" Affiliate? Is it time to go back to the J.O.B.?

If you're wondering how to become a super affiliate, you should definitely keep reading.

"Super Affiliate" sounds like an insane title that only the "elite" can hold. You know... guys like Jeremy Palmer. But this is simply NOT the case. A Super Affiliate is someone who dominates a specific niche market. It does not mean you have to be "the man". Truthfully, NOBODY is "the man" in any given Niche Market.

Becoming a Super Affiliate takes time, though. It does not happen overnight. It does not mean you have to go out and find 37 products on ClickBank and start linking them on every blog. That type of stuff is not productive. Sure, I'm sure "so and so" made a few sales while unethically spamming blogs... but it's counter-productive in the long run.

Research is the key to success. Research is why over 90% of wannabe Affiliates fail to be successful in their Affiliate Business. Research is the x-factor in becoming a successful affiliate.

So why are you failing as an Affiliate? Because you're not doing your research. Shake your head, stomp your feet, think of rebuttal's. But the fact is - if you had done your research properly - you would not be reading this article, right? Right... so let's get a little more in depth here.

How is your research being performed? Are you using Keyword Tools and that's it? If so - shut them down and follow me.

Pick up a magazine. Look through all of the advertisements throughout the magazine. See anything DIFFERENT from the norm? Something not so competitive? Or do you get one of those "gut feelings"?

Good... pick a niche and now let's head over to Google. Do a few "creative" searches by choosing a Keyword that YOU, an unknowing searcher, would search with. What are the results? Does the Market seem to be too competitive? If so, no worries. We can continue our research just to be sure.

Find out if there's forums for that niche. If there are, do they seem to be fairly active? What are they looking for inside those forums... as far as solutions to problems?

Give Google Trends a shot and see how the Market looks on that tool.

Also try out MSN AdLabs, it's a great tool with many options.

The bottom line is - you have too much research to do before you start doing your Keyword Research. You need to learn about the Niche before you begin throwing out "what you think" are benefits. If you are not aware of the real benefits - how do you know how to pre-sell?

Pre-selling is an art form and you need to understand that just because you've read the Merchants sales page does NOT mean you now know your niche.

Study and learn. Focus on the beginning research and you will notice how quickly your Keyword Research begins and ends. Keyword Research is nothing without knowing... it's meaningless without understanding long tail keywords to choose from.

Research is the reason you will succeed. Lack of research is why you will fail.

Learn how to do proper research and you will learn how to make money!


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