Finding The Best Product To Promote

An Affiliate Marketers biggest obstacle in their online, money making, career is the ability to find the best Niche Market to work within.

The product itself does not matter at this point. If you have not yet done a thorough investigation of the Niche that your current product belongs to - you're missing out on a lot more money. Getting a better understanding of your Niche Market is the goal here. Knowing what the problems are and simply finding the solutions to these problems is 98% of the Affiliate game.

Do you know what benefits your Niche Market is in need of, or simply "want"?

If you don't... you're leaving a TON of money in your competition's pockets!

So let's go over some simple steps to ensuring that you get the most money out of each click that leads to your Landing Page, which I hope you are planning on creating.

Alright, so let's say that you've already got a pretty good idea of what type of product that you would like to promote. Maybe you already own the product and know of all of the benefits... maybe you do not. Maybe you've never owned a product in this Niche and you're simply throwing your hook into the water, with no bait, hoping you get a bite?

It's time to research. I don't care if you already own the product. It's time to go to some forums and see what these people are talking about. What are their problems? What are some of the benefits or solutions that a specific product can help these people with?

Are you taking notes? Notice their complaints? See how they react to product names, if they come up in these conversational threads. This is a good thing, especially if there's an affiliate program for that product... as long as the mentioned program seems to have a positive reputation. This is obviously a big thing to remember as you do not need to waste time promoting a product with a bad reputation.

Are you still taking notes? Good.

Now be sure to continue looking through a few different forums related to this niche.

Next you want to start doing some Keyword research. See how the competition is, make sure the Niche isn't saturated and too overwhelming, keep your eyes open and continue taking notes.

This is where you can see if the Niche is as hot as you thought. What are your results?

Scroll through the keywords and pick and choose, create a list and continue your research.

Just remember: If you're not researching the niche itself - you're not making the money you COULD be.

Good luck, and let me know if you have any questions (below)!


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