How I Almost Gave Up on Affiliate Marketing

When I first began Affiliate Marketing I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I had no real clue about what I was doing... I was just going with the wind.

I lost quite a bit of money while putting in 40+ hours a week trying to make a living online. I nearly gave up.

I had lost all hope until I seen a sale come in out of nowhere. To be quite honest, I had already given up when the sale appeared. I was excited but confused. I didn't know what to think of it... I knew I was happy to have the $90.00 in my PayPal account but...what next?

What I did from there was trace backwards in time and then logged into my affiliate center for that specific product. I looked at the incoming traffic. I traced it back to a forum I hadn't been to in about a month, at the time.

I actually traced it back all the way to a specific post I had made in a thread on that forum. There were a lot of questions that were awaiting my answers. What should I do? I mean the product made me 90 dollars, right?

So, obviously, being in love with the product and knowing quite a bit about it, I answered those questions. But I tried my hardest to be exactly what I was... a product owner. I had special insight to this product because I had owned 3 copies of it and used the product on 1 successful website.

What happened next was unbelievable. I had made 6 more sales of this product within just a few short weeks and only 2 answered questions. I took the time and focused on a product I knew about, first hand. I answered questions quickly as if I owned the product and knew about the product... I mean, after all, I did own it.

The great thing about this script is I not only continued to sell this product like crazy as an affiliate - I even landed on 2 other similar products and even created my own product based on that specific niche!

You need to concentrate on products you are familiar with. The best affiliates in the world are those who have a good familiarity with the products they promote. If you do not own the product, or if you cannot afford the product - you need to find more information about the product to learn from it. Find reviews on sites such as Amazon. Do a search on Google, check out forums, etc. there's entirely way too much information out on the web to fail in Affiliate Marketing.

Only you can push forward in this business. The main goals are to find a niche, study the niche, find the best products, figure out the best ways to market the products, get the first sale and see which methods worked best.

What's next? Rinse and repeat!

You will not fail if you work smarter. Working harder is a good thing but only if you're smart enough to know how to use that harder work to work for you!

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