5 Steps To Becoming A Better Affiliate
Affiliate Marketing can be quite a daunting task for any individual just starting out. So what can you do to ensure your success in this business? Well, here's 5 steps to becoming a better Affiliate Marketer.
1. Do thorough research of the Market you're looking to jump into. This includes looking at the Market itself (using Google Trends and Microsoft AdLab) to be sure that the Market is not declining at a rapid rate.
Now this doesn't always prove to be 100% accurate, but it can definitely help you in your research efforts. You should also look at Keyword trends as well. I highly suggest that you take a look around forums that deal with that market to see what people are saying... what are the words they use when looking for a certain product? What are their needs? What can help them fix their problems? This research will definitely help you with your Keyword Research in the upcoming steps. Take notes, and lots of them! You'll need these later.
2. Write Articles based on your best Keywords. Use your best Keywords within your headlines (in most cases) of your Articles, Blog posts, Galoor posts, Squidoo lenses and HubPages. This will help you gain more traffic to your site and, hopefully, some killer Search Engine Rankings! Check out LSI and use tools such as Quintura when writing your Articles.
Quintura will help you create some of your best Articles down the road. Practice writing as much as possible during the days. Imagine yourself writing 10 articles each and every day... how much Traffic do you think you'd get? Wow... add that traffic with some PPC campaigns and watch your income explode!
3. Tweak your PPC Campaigns like crazy. Use AdGroups and check out your best keywords. Take the best keywords (highest CTR) and then create another AdGroup based on that/those keywords, along with your best converting Ads (highest CTR) and add more with them to see if you can get even better results. Test, test and then test some more. You cannot go wrong with testing, I PROMISE!
4. Tweak your landing pages. Your landing pages can make or break your entire campaign. If you're using Direct Linking (going straight to the merchants sales page), you might want to check out the difference with a Landing Page(s) to see if the results might jump up.
Use Google Website Optimizer to tweak your Landing Pages so you get your best results possible. You'd be surprised how much of a difference you'll make! Headlines can really use tweaking, no matter how great you might think they are!
5. Rinse and Repeat! Never consider your work done until you KNOW that your conversion rates cannot get any higher. Continue doing everything you can to ensure your success in this Business. It's highly competitive but there are Super Affiliates 'born' each and every day. Could you be one of them? You will never know until you continue with your actions and continue with your campaign tweaks and tests.
While this list is not the most thorough list available, it's definitely one of the most straight forward, no holding back list you'll find. Most Affiliate Marketers do not want you to know how simple it is to make money in this business, they'd rather sell you their junk programs or books on last years "secrets" that everybody already knew about.
Action is what makes you a successful Affiliate Marketer, so get back to work ASAP and keep pushing forward for those extra yards!


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