How To Become a More Successful Affiliate Marketer
Want to become a better Affiliate Marketer? Have you been trying to learn Affiliate Marketing, but felt that what you were learning was a bunch of bologna? Well, you might be right.
Internet Marketing 'gurus' tend to feed newbie Affiliate Marketers with a bunch of lies and 'hogwash', hoping they'll find another sucker to push their products to. Most of these products are useless, regurgitated nonsense that you can find for free on most OLD Blog posts. It's the truth. As a matter of fact, MOST Internet Marketers rarely even write their own books or develop their own products!
Look, if you want to become more successful in this Business -- say these words: "I will not purchase another Affiliate Marketing tool or program". Say it and say it loud... as corny as that sounds, it's what you need to do in order to stop wasting your own hard earned cash on these Junk Peddlers' ebooks and membership programs. There's some good ones - but they are few and far!
Becoming a better Affiliate Marketer is getting over ONE major hump... ACTION. We all hate that word, especially if we're lazy! (like myself) But, it's the truth. You can spend a Million dollars on Tools, Programs and even one on one coaching but you will get absolutely NOWHERE until you finally put that one word in your daily vocabulary and follow your own advice. Taking action is what breaks most affiliates... and it's what makes Super Affiliates. There's so many people in this world that want to get rich quick, like tomorrow "quick". But is that feasible? No, unless you win the lottery or someone hands you a briefcase full of cash. But how many times has this happened to you so far? I didn't think so...
Action is what separates the weak and the strong. Action is what creates Success, not taking action is what creates failures. Nobody wants to be called a failure, not even within their own mind, yet so many of us tend to get stuck "day dreaming" about becoming rich without having to work... it's not going to happen - so we need to create an Action Plan.
So open up your favorite Word Document creator and let's get rockin'!
First off: make a few goals and make them realistic. I'm not talking about "I want to be a millionaire in 3 months" type of goal... if that's what you want - go purchase a Lottery Ticket and show up for church on Sunday to pray for a Miracle. It's not going to happen in this Business, nor any other type of Business. These goals need to be realistic in order for you to become Successful. Start off with simple goals... like the following:
  • "I want to make $10 a day for the next week". This is realistic and probably pretty easy for some. Sure, it's not going to pay any bills but it's going to increase over time, I PROMISE.
  • "I need to write 3-5 Articles a day, every day, for the next 4 weeks". This is a great start and it will create some hefty traffic to your landing pages! I try my hardest to create at least 3-5 articles each and every day -- and if I cannot, I try to make up for it with creating several Galoor Articles, Squidoo Lenses, Hubpages or even launching a few Websites. Yes, I have learned how to create Websites in a flash!
  • "I have make this much money per day after 30 days". This is a great way to start your second month off... give yourself a solid number that you know you can hit and you'll make it... if you don't? No worries, just keep pushing forward and you WILL!
  • "I need to launch 2 new websites in the first 30 days...". Now this might be tricky for some, but it's just advice. I want to see you succeed and I believe you can do this quite easily with a little patience. Don't get overwhelmed, and make sure these sites have a good backbone with a solid product and a great marketing campaign behind it to get traffic to the site.
  • "I will spend $50 this month on a new PPC Campaign". Don't jump right into PPC Advertising if you do not fully understand it, but definitely get involved with learning the fundamentals - then learn the tricks for AdGrouping, etc. so that you can turn that $50 into a good profit.
Goal setting can seriously increase your revenue if you follow along with your goals and try your hardest to get them accomplished. Don't set the bar too high - set it just high enough to know that you'll be able to accomplish it, then set it slightly higher!
Good luck and I wish you all the success and happiness that will follow the action you take!


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