5 Ways To Convert More Affiliate Sales
As an Affiliate Marketer you should understand that conversions are one of the most difficult aspects of this business. While it's an obviously difficult task, there are ways to convert more sales, and I will try to explain the various ways to accomplish more conversions in this Article.
So, rather than making a long, fluffy article - let's go ahead and get started immediately, shall we?
While some of these tips may not sound like they're going to improve your conversions - guess again... each tip is actually a major component based on sales conversions.
  • Target your Market correctly... this means that you need to make sure your campaigns are focused on your Target Market in every single way possible. There's no way around this - you need to check, double check and then double check again to make sure each step is super focused! You can use various tools to check this out. Forums, Groups, Trends and Microsoft AdLab.
  • How good is the product/service you are promoting? Have you tested it out yourself? If not, have you at least checked the forums and chat rooms to see if consumers are really happy with this product? What if you like it but the rest of the world absolutely hates it? Think as a consumer, not as a sales person who is in love with the product they're promoting! Ditch it if it's got a bad rep!
  • How good is the sales page for the Merchant? I've seen A LOT of Affiliates who use Direct Linking, rather than using their own Landing Page, to sale the prospect. Hmmmm... now what happens if the Merchants Sales page is not enticing or it simply does not convert? You're wasting your time... develop your own Pre-selling approach on your own landing page and make them want to buy BEFORE getting to the Merchant. You can even try (in some cases) to completely bypass their Sales page and go straight to the purchase page if you have the capabilities and the right sales methods! Either way, don't always rely on the merchant to make the sale for you.
  • Offer an incentive if the prospect makes a purchase... while this might not always be easy to track - there are some cases where you can offer the user a free ebook, report, video, etc. just for purchasing through your link. I see a lot of Affiliates doing this - but a lot of them are giving away useless, rehashed JUNK that people do not want. If someone is going to be spending money on a product - they do NOT want something that's worthless to them... they'll look at you sideways, trust me - I've seen it! Make sure the download/free gift is relevant to the product they just purchased, too! Don't give them a coupon for a pizza if they just bought a Diet book!
  • DO NOT USE ADSENSE ON YOUR LANDING PAGES! This is a quick death for so many Affiliates out there. I'm not sure what some people are thinking - but they're not thinking with a clear mind... if you're using any kind of outgoing links on your Landing Pages, you're going to be wasting your hard work on a few pennies rather than many dollars. Think about this... why do you want someone to click on someone else's advertisement when you're trying to get them to click on your product link to make a purchase? This goes for ANY other outgoing links besides your own! Trading Dollars for Pennies is not a wise choice!
There's a lot of ways to increase your conversion rates but I hope these quick tips helped you one way or another. Converting traffic into sales is not an easy task, but there's no reason to waste that traffic, either!


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