How To Increase Your Affiliate Sales
Affiliate Marketers come a dime a dozen these days... now, obviously, I'm not trying to talk down on Affiliate Marketers, I'm just stating the facts. But what's the point?
Everybody and their mom seems to be trying to jump into the Affiliate Marketing game, and it's going to get ever worse down the road. Does this mean that it's becoming too saturated? Heck no! There's far too many companies making far too many sales for the market to become saturated!
The more the merrier, as they say.
But there's a problem, still. With all of these Affiliate Marketers, how are you going to make more money? Easily, beat your competition! Duh!
Yeah, Yeah. That's pretty obvious. So how are you going to accomplish this? Let's go over the basics...
Most Affiliate Marketing newbies tend to get their Training from those redundant ClickBank ebooks that are full of garbage, written by guys who have made most of their money from becoming buddies with other "gurus" in the market. Guess what? This is great news for you!
As we all know, these books do not teach you even 10% of what it takes to make more sales as an Affiliate. They are filled with fluff and old school ways of getting traffic. PPC? Sure, that's one of the best ways to get traffic, if not THE best. But these books don't teach you about proper AdGrouping, good Keyword Research, Niche Research, Trends, Landing Page optimization, real SEO, etc.
Nope, none of them teach these things.
Even better for you -- NONE of these books explain the benefits of Web 2.0 and Social Media Marketing.
So, luckily for these books - you are in a win-win situation.
With the right training on these subjects, you will be able to easily stomp out most of your competition that currently exists in your market and then become so dominant that the next stages of competition that comes through the tangled webs will soon be stomped out by your lower competition. You will become a Super Affiliate. It's the truth.
Get off your butt and learn more about the following:
Social Media Marketing (SMM, Social Marketing... they're all the same. This includes Facebook as well)
Pay Per Click (AdWords For (you guessed it) by Howie Jacobson is my favorite book on the subject and teaches you methods 99.9% of the others WILL NOT teach you!)
Search Engine Optimization (learn on and off-site SEO and learn it from the ground up)
Landing Page Optimization (I have news on a great new product that just launched -- this is a major problem for most Affiliates!)
Blogging (Blogging is great - content is STILL king!)
Article Marketing (Bum Marketing Method is cool, too)
Forum Marketing (there's some decent books out there, but it's pretty simple to do once you understand the basics)
Buzz Groups (these are great groups for SMM [see above], if you can find them)
Email Marketing (List Building, etc)
Analytics (Google Analytics is free and Google has free training with it!)
There are more subjects to learn, but learning the above will increase your sales in the future. Get off your rear and start learning, doing, testing, tweaking and repeating. Learning something new every day and then implementing what you learn into your daily/weekly/monthly routine will definitely help you get to that next level.


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