Growing Your Own Chlorella? Here Are Some Tips You Must Know

Chlorella is a common part of the lifestyle of many Asian countries. A blue green, single-celled alga, organic chlorella is mostly found in water formations like streams, lakes, and ponds. Of course, most people no longer see chlorella in its raw form. Instead, they purchase chlorella that comes in liquid extract or capsule form.

Chlorella thrives in health stores and websites, but if you cannot find any in your local store, then here’s a good idea: try cultivating your own organic chlorella at home. If you are creative and determined enough, this won’t be a very difficult task. In fact, Asians, especially the Japanese, have been cultivating chlorella in their homes. These are used for cosmetics and pharmaceutical drugs, while others are shipped off to the United States and other Western nations.

There are a few important guidelines when growing your own chlorella, though. If you forget any of these, chances are your chlorella will not be as healthy as you want it to be. Here are a few tips to remember:

  • Make sure you have the proper equipment. You will need plant nutrients, a glass container, and purified or filtered water. These are very basic and can be purchased at your local store. Prepare these items ahead of time.
  • You also need a sunny spot where you can place the chlorella. Chlorella benefits from proper sun exposure, so make sure you choose a good location, like beside a window.
  • Look for a good and healthy chlorella strain that you can use. You can easily consult local health vendors to see if they carry this product. If they don’t, here’s another option: go to a local biology lab or a local university. Some of these readily sell chlorella strains at a low price. Another good idea is to go to a pond or lake near your neighborhood and see if any chlorella grows around it.
  • Sterilize the glass containers that you will use for chlorella cultivation by washing them with boiling water. Remember, chlorella culture cannot grow in a contaminated container. After thoroughly washing the container, put it in a sunny area and let it naturally dry.
  • Check and make sure that the filtered or purified water that you will use for growing organic chlorella is chlorine-free. Chlorine can kill the chlorella culture.
  • Some chlorella strains sold in health stores often have packaging instructions. Follow the directions given, so the chlorella will grow without any difficulty.

Following these easy tips will help ensure that your chlorella grows healthy and without any difficulty. Start cultivating this alga today!


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