Surprise Anniversary Party - How to Keep it a Secret

Playing spoilsport on your anniversary day is something that gives you more blues than anything else. But, are you aware that there is a way out through which you will be able to keep your anniversary party a big secret?

And since you are aiming to surprise, you shall never spill the beans so the whole plan would go to waste. You must have already tried several ideas in the past but have never been successful. However, planning a surprise party will stand out with the goal of making your anniversary a very special event.

Throwing a surprise anniversary party is no child’s play. Remember that this is one of the rarest occasions that give you a chance of wooing your loved one to the maximum extent.

Would you like such an opportunity slip out of your hands by making a silly mistake? Never Right? Then, what are you waiting for? Wake up the creative genius in you and start making all the required plans in a secret manner!

Having so many family members at home might not give a chance to keep the party a secret, so try to form a small brigade at home comprising of small kids. Assign them simple tasks that they would love to do. Don’t forget to tame them by offering chocolates.

In fact, kids will be game for anything once they get those yummy chocolates. This will work for you in multiple ways as you will be able to make all the arrangements on one side and winning the love of your children on the other.

Trust me that there is no better way of conquering the heart of your special someone in life other than celebrating some occasions that include a lot of surprise.

Wouldn’t you like to see that lost spark in your spouse again? Well, everybody would like to. You now have the unique opportunity to tell that how much you care with little surprises of life. Wait! There are several other things that you have to do.

Order for a delicious cake that just melts in mouth. Ensure that all the snacks and drinks are in place by the time the celebrations begin. Now, think about the solace that you are about to have once everyone leaves except you and your loved one. Living those moments of love again is something that’s best possible in this way for you.

Convincing your spouse that there’s nothing special planned is the biggest tricks of all. You need to maintain such a plain look on your face that as if you don’t even remember the anniversary date at all. Well, you can never stop giggling behind along with the children at the same time.

Once the d-day arrives, you can reveal the secret by surprising the hell out of your partner. Never forget to illuminate the room with different lighting shades in order to get the right feel. Magical moments such as these will always remain to be the special memories in your life.


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