Piracy - From Mediterranean to Somalia

Piracy has troubled across the sea since the ancient times. It is hard to understand where the pricy was started. There may be different theories behind this, but there is a popular notion that it began with Mediterranean Sea in the western world. In the rocky islands on the coastal areas of Mediterranean Sea, a number of people would earn their livelihoods through fishing. When fishing was not enough for them, they started plundering the ships. Mediterranean remained ravaged from piracy up to a long time. Some people claim that Mediterranean was free from piracy during the reign of the powerful Roman Empire.

As the time passed, a number of other places also faced the piracy. Different clans of raiders came in the limelight, who had distinct pirate dresses and lifestyles. Vikings were one of the most famous types of raiders, who created problems for the ships in Europe, Asia and North Atlantic Islands.

In the other parts of the medieval era, some other areas of the world also became troubled with piracy. Caribbean remained the most popular place, in the western world. The pirate boots, shirts, pants and many other dresses of the Caribbean’s raiders are still the fashion trends. Many of the films and games have also been composed on the raiders of this area. “Pirates of the Caribbean” series is one of the best examples in this respect. There was a time during this era, which is known today as “the golden era of piracy”.

Apart from Caribbean, there were some other parts of the world also, which were facing the problem of the raiding. The Far East nations like China, Korea and Japan also faced the same trouble. China had the “golden era of piracy”, when the raiding was on the decline in the western world. The raiders in China had created a parallel market in the reign of Qing dynasty.

There were some lawful pirates also in the medieval era, who were authorized by the governments. Such raiders were often the government officers, and were authorized for attacking the ships of the enemy nations. These freebooters were termed as privateers.

Finally, the time witnessed the downfall of piracy. But, it again started creating the problem in the modern era. Various modern raiders from Sumatra and Somalia have become the problems for the ships in the recent time. A number of countries have started combating with raiders in order to get rid of this long-lasting problem.


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