Tidbits about Gothic Concepts and Gothic Clothing

There are a number of fashion trends available in today’s market, which are based on the literary genres. Gothic trend is undoubtedly one of the trends, which fall under such category. The gothic shirts, pants, skirts, shorts and many other costumes are inspired with Victorian gothic novels, and some other books and films, which have been composed in the same tradition. “Dracula” is one of the famous novels of the Victorian age written by Bram Stoker. Besides, a number of films are being made on the gothic concepts, such as Gothika, Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, and more.

The common thing about the novels and films of the Goth trend is that all of them comprises of vampires, ghosts, supernatural events and horrendous capabilities of science and technologies. For instance, “Dracula” introduced the famous fictional vampires of the century with the same name – Dracula. On the other hand, Gothika is based on a ghost that enters inside a lady. Frankenstein and its sequel Bride of Frankenstein provide the combination of science fiction and horror. In these movies, monster is made through the scientific experiments of their leading character Henry Frankenstein. Such concepts of Victorian Goth culture are inspired by the negative traits of science, industrialization and humanity.

This is the reason why gothic costumes come in the dark colors. The black color seems favorite of the people who believe in Gothicism. Many of the Goths of today blacken their hair irrespective of their ethnicity; however, there are a number of exceptions also. Besides, Goth ladies use the lipsticks and nail polishes of black color. Apart from the black color, gothic clothing can be obtained in the shades like dark blue and dark red etc.

On the other hand, the jewelry, showpieces and decors of the gothic concepts are also strange. The horrible things like skulls and dragons are part of the showpieces and jewelry of the Goth trends. These accessories reflect the key beliefs of Gothicism, which revolve around the supernatural events.

Gothic concept also takes inspiration from some of the subcultures. For instance, steampunk, its contemporary subculture, influences this concept, and similarly the impact of Gothicism can also be witnessed on punk. Some people even think these concepts as synonyms, but factually it is not true. Steampunk also focuses on the same aspects such as science fiction and vampires up to some extent, but it takes it in adventurous way rather than symbolizing any negative trait.

Today, gothic trend is liked widely by the non-gothic people also in terms of fashion. Gothic corsets, skirts, shirts and pants etc. have become the fashion statements among a number of men and women. A plenty of new innovations are also being witnessed from the house of Gothicism.


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