How much Resveratrol is Effective?

The supplement resveratrol has come into the spotlight recently due to its positive side effects. The drug is known to increase life expectancy, assist with weight loss, and even fight off cancer and other diseases such as Alzheimer's and diabetes. It is safe to say that anyone who is looking to have a healthier body and lifestyle should definitely consider adding this supplement to their daily diet. However, the scientific tests conducted with resveratrol have shown that low doses of the drug have little to no effect on its users. Additionally, several of the retailers of the drug are selling it in very low doses. For example, some retailers will sell 60 50mg resveratrol tablets for over $20. Not only is this a waste of money because of the extremely low doses that will have no effect on you, but the supplement is very cheap to make, and probably cost the retailer about $2.

Therefore, if you are looking to take resveratrol, the ideal dose is around 500mg per day. Since it is relatively new and no daily value has been established by the FDA, it is ideal to only take around 500mg per day. Some studies have called for as much as 3000mg to 5000mg per day, but it is still unknown whether there are any negative side effects with taking that high of a dose every day. Also, the cost of high dose tablets such as 250mg is not much. The supplement can be bought for about $30 for 60 tablets of 250mg. That is about a one month supply of the drug. If you are hesitant to try the drug and spend money, there are also many online retailers that will give you a free trial of the supplement for next to nothing – you only have to pay a small shipping and handling fee.

Regardless, wherever you get your resveratrol, do not take it in extremely small doses. It will have little to no effect on your body, and you won't be taking advantages of the great benefits that is has to offer. If you shop around for a high dose formula, you'll find that the supplement really does improve your overall health.


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