Ways to Treat Dizzy Spells and Vomiting From Anxiety

Most people that have anxiety have problems with nausea and suffer from dizzy spells. There are all kinds of different solutions you can try to help with these two mutual problems. Some of the common known causes of dizziness are fear, stress and anxiety. 

A few things that you can do when dealing with dizzy spells are breathing exercises, light physical exercises, have thoughts of positive things, and try to stay calm. You also need to make sure that you drink sufficient amounts of fluid everyday such as water or juice.

To eliminate the occurrences of dizzy spells, you will want to try and refrain from drinking caffeine, such as iced tea and soda, because they can cause problems. Make sure that you limit the quantity of salt you eat within a day, because salt can cause adverse effects, as well. 

You will want to start changing your eating habits by making sure that you have wholesome and regular meals. This will help keep to keep your blood sugar levels steady. Having a good sleeping pattern helps, as well. Everybody should have a sufficient sleeping schedule.

Also keep in mind it is always a good idea to have your blood pressure checked often. Dizzy spells can be a little scary, but once you learn to treat them, you will find that when or if they occur again, it gets easier for you, and you won’t feel as panicked.

You can also try home remedies. If this is something you are interested in doing, you will want to consult a doctor first. Once your doctor has given their opinion on the type of home remedy you want to try, then you are free to begin using it. 

Some home remedies include eating ginger or taking ginger pills, using an ice pack or a bottle of water on your neck,and taking a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar or honey daily. All of these remedies can also help with the dizzy spells and vomiting. As strange as it may seem, squeezing the skin between your brows will also help. This is known as the acupressure point, and if you do this, it will help relieve your symptoms.

Most people when having an anxiety attack will also feel queasy to their stomach. To help with this, you can take medication, but you will want to read about it and make sure you are aware that there can be side effects.

Herbal remedies can also be used in place of western medication, if you so desire. Other solutions are natural ways to control your anxiety, and these include Yoga, jogging, breathing techniques, meditation or hobbies such as making crafts or artwork.

Whether you choose home remedies or medications, one of these solutions should help with your dizziness and vomiting spells. Some of these solutions might not work the same for everyone, so it is important to find the one that works best in your particular case. Just remember that you are not in this alone. You should also talk with your friends or family about your situation, so that they can be there to support you.


over 8 years ago

I find ginger to be incredibly helpful for reducing nausea, so I definitely second that advice. I've always had a pretty strong stomach, and I eat a huge amount of ginger, just because I like the way it tastes, and I wonder if that's a coincidence. I also notice that Szechuan food often pairs ginger with hot peppers and strongly spicy dishes, and I notice that my stomach often feels fine when eating that type of cuisine, even when the dishes are so hot that I can barely eat them!

I also think that stress-reducing techniques that you mentioned, like yoga, meditation, or relaxing hobbies, can be really great for reducing anxiety in the long-term.

I've often found that when I reduce my stress and anxiety level, a lot of tangible physical symptoms simply vanish!

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