What is Article Marketing?

The term "Article Marketing" has been around for quite some time, yet very few understand what this form of advertising is all about. In this article I hope to educate you on what Article Marketing really is and how you can get targeted traffic and build on your authority within your niche.

What is Article Marketing and why do I need it?

Article Marketing is, at it's basics, a simple way for Business Owners, Marketers and Entrepreneurs to educate the reader and, hopefully, solve a problem or fill a need.

It all starts with the author (the person that writes the article). They should be focused on creating an article that answers a question, solves a problem or helps educate the reader, by providing in-depth content that will help the author to get more traffic to their own site.

For example, if you were a Veterinarian from Seattle who owned a website and you were looking for local traffic from the area, you could write an article about how the rain in Seattle could cause ear infections for dogs and then provide some solutions on how they could prevent and/or cure the infection. This means you've added value with your article and you're more likely to gain popularity from local dog owners who view that article.

The problem with most authors is that they do not provide value with their content, but instead believe that they are supposed to "tease" the reader into following links to their site. This is a terrible way to get traffic for long-term success. 

Providing value to your readers will gain trust and earn you a reputation as being a trustworthy Business Owner. This also helps you to get more exposure to your articles as people will be more willing to share your article.

The spammy way of Article Marketing

A lot of Internet Marketers (usually affiliates) consider article marketing to be the process of writing a quick article, usually around 400-500 words, and then throwing it into a "spinner" program using "spintax." This spintax is usually just using curly braces {like these} and using "pipes" as separators for synonyms. 

An example would be:

{This|That|The} {article|content|message} is {great|superb|excellent}{.|!|..|...|....| :)| ;)| ;p}

Now when the spinner program runs the article, it can create hundreds of "unique" articles that they can submit to article directories that will accept them. These directories are usually low-quality directories that will accept anything and everything, just to get more articles. 

A version of this spun sentence would look like:

This content is superb ;p

Of course, this is just a sentence. It would require a little more work to get a full article written like this, but it's quite easy to do.

What's the point? They believe that the more articles they get out there, the more links will be pointed at their site(s), which means that Google will give them a boost in PageRank and rankings. 

In theory, this works. Actually, in practice it has worked quite well, until Google's Panda update. These days it's much more difficult for this process to work and the quality of links will actually come back to haunt you ever since Google's Penguin update.

The way most people do Article Marketing

Most people will write an article that says some words about the subject and they hope that people will follow it all the way down to their link in their "Bio" area. This works, "kinda." Sure, a lot of people can get clicks on their links, but are those clicks actually targeted? Are they from hungry buyers? Will it turn into a conversion?

The answer would be NO in all three cases, most of the time.

Doing article marketing this way is lazy and becomes useless. In fact, most people who allow these articles are simply "content farms," which are sites just looking to get traffic from search engines in hopes that the traffic will turn into clicks on ads. They work well, unfortunately. I say unfortunately as the ads usually provide the answers and solutions, not the author or their article.

Solutions to Problems

People search Google, Yahoo and Bing to find a solution to their problems or an answer to their question(s). This isn't a theory, this is a fact. This is the reason that Google has become so successful, as they've done a pretty good job at finding the most trustworthy properties on the web to show their users.

With that being said, this could be you. The traffic that goes to your articles will (mostly) arrive to your articles from Search Engines through queries (searching for answers). If you are providing value to your readers, you will ensure your success in the long-term by getting more people promoting your article by sharing it with others. When more people share that article you receive more links. When you get more links, Google ranks you higher.

Pretty cool, right? This is why you should always try to solve problems and give people the answers they seek, even if you think it might "take away" from your Business. What I mean by this is that there's a lot of Business Owners who believe that by sharing information that people will pay for - they will actually lose business. This is not true. Building rapport with potential clients/customers is how you influence them to give your company a shot.

If you've been keeping "secrets" from paying customers, you're guaranteed to lose those customers to the next person who sees the long-term benefits of sharing that information with these people, as well as the rest of the world.

Sharing is what builds credibility and authority.

Becoming the Authority

There's very few true "authorities" in your field, trust me. Some people fall into the mental trap of believing that there's already too many "experts" in their market. I'm sure there are, but it's not hard to steal their thunder and take over their clients. You just have to give it a try.

Building Authority is simply the act of sharing and providing value, proving that you know just as much, if not more, than the current experts. The goal, though, is to become bigger than these people, and you do this by creating content that doesn't just market your company.

In fact, if you're using article marketing to advertise your company or products, you're doing it wrong.

You're doing it all wrong

If you've read through most Article Marketing tutorials and courses, you're probably a big confused now. Most of those guys are selling you on getting links and traffic to your links. This is absolutely foolish and useless, but it's not your fault...

Now is the time to change what you've been doing all along and create something bigger, more long-term. The links are OK, but just because you're getting links doesn't mean much. I have seen people spend hours and hours creating content, then spinning that content, and then more time sending those articles to hundreds of low-quality article directories, all so they can get a lot of low-quality, low-value links.

Not smart. If they had spent that time writing high quality articles that provided value, they would have spent a lot less time and would most likely get those articles shared on other higher quality web properties, giving them MUCH higher quality link value to work with.

Article Marketing is not about SEO

The links are cool if you're getting links from authoritative properties, but that's really not the point. If you're writing articles, you're supposed to be getting targeted traffic to your website. But, as mentioned above, you're rarely going to do that if you're not providing true value.

Creating high quality, high value articles on high quality properties will earn you more respect and trust from your potential customers and, yes, it also gives you more link opportunities from people sharing.

Getting it right

If you've been paying attention, I continue to repeat myself: add value to your content. This can be any content, but since we're discussing article marketing, let's stick with that. 

Getting your message about your company into your article: not OK. Stop marketing in your Articles. Yes, I realize that seems to defeat the purpose of "article marketing," but it's the truth. You're not marketing your products and services, you're marketing YOURSELF. You're going to be doing this without even trying, because you're proving your expertise and proving that you're an authority figure in your field.

When you get this right, you're going to see a huge boost of traffic to your website, and it will be from not marketing your products or services.

Pretty crazy, I know, but give it a try and let this article prove itself.

If you have any questions, please ask away below!

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