Music On Your Big Day

Once your main wedding ceremony is over, it’s time for the reception and time to have a great time. Of course you will have the food and drink on offer, but what most of your guests will be looking forward to will be the music. And that is why, you wedding DJ is by far one of the most important hires for your big day. There are so many DJs offering their services that it can be quite tricky narrowing down on the one guy who will actually do a good job on your wedding.

Before you hire out your wedding dj, there is a little ground work that you will have to complete. The first thing is the kind of music that you would like to have played at your reception. If you would like to have 70s classics play at your wedding and the DJ you choose has only the latest in pop and rock, you are not going to be very happy finding that out on your wedding day. Make a list of songs that you want and choose a person who specializes in that kind of a playlist or genre.

If you have recently attended a wedding reception and liked the music, get the contact details of the person. Or else ask around for recommendations for people who have recently gotten married. Since they will have their wedding videos on them, you can even have a preview of the music that you would like to hear. Also check out the DJ’s profile online. They often have sample playlists and will have testimonials written in their names for them. This should give you a better idea of how they work.

Make it a point to meet your DJ in person. This is one way of understanding how they work. It is important that you build a good relation with them and personal meetings for playlists will help. You can also assess their level of professionalism and how easily they grasp what it is you are looking for in music for the wedding.

When settling on the song lists, ensure that there is a bit of leeway for flexibility. After all your DJ too has a style. Make sure that he has his playlists regularly updated and that you are not stuck with dated songs. Also make a list of songs that you do not want to hear at all.

All of this should help create a musical experience at your wedding like no other.

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