Pop Art, Wearable Art For All Ages

Fashion is an ever-changing industry. What is the new "in" style today may be completely inconsequential tomorrow. It can become difficult to keep up with the trends so many people develop their own style and simply utilize trends when they happen to like them. Other people treat trending fashion statements with the utmost importance and try to follow every single one to a tee. Regardless of what side of this figurative fashion fence you may sit on, fashion pieces with elements of Pop art covering or accenting them seem to always be in style. Whether it is a purse, shoes, top, pants, skirt, scarf, jewelry or any other fashion item, Pop art has a certain quality to it that allows it to brighten up any outfit.

Garments with elements of Pop art on them are actually wearable at any age. Some people may feel some of the elements are inappropriate for younger children, while others feel the bright colors and eclectic imagery is a little too funky for someone of senior citizen age. The fact is that neither of these generalizations are true. Pop art has so many different design elements that as long as they are utilized in the right way, they can be worked into any fashion garment for a person of any age.

Below are some common areas of fashion that Pop art appears in and the best elements of fashion that can be worn for each age group. For the purpose of this article, the age groups discussed will be children, teenagers, young adults, mid-aged adults, and senior citizens.

Clothing (Tops, Bottoms, Dresses, & Undergarments)
The great thing about fashion is that for a garment to incorporate certain elements, they do not have to be an all-over print to still have an impact on the garment. Simply using elements of Pop art pieces and lining a jacket with them, or creating decorative hems with just a simplistic splash of Pop art elements, allows for these garments to become a piece of Pop art themselves.

Different ages will respond better to different ways of the Pop art elements being incorporated into the garment. Young children may enjoy a t-shirt that is fully covered in a Pop art design, and even bottoms as well. Patterns that encompass an entire garment are most appropriate for children and teenagers. As young adults find themselves drawn to Pop art garments, they might have a fully covered dress, or top, but they will mostly gravitate to pieces that show just a bit of the design through embellishments and simple detailing. Mid-aged adults and senior citizens usually also opt for the less flashy, but still chic items, like blazers with Pop art lining, or skirts with small splashes on the Pop art design.

Accessories (Scarves, Jewelry, Purses, & Watches)
Accessories are great, because for the most part, people of any age can enjoy any Pop art print on accessories and it is fashionably acceptable. There are certainly a few items that appeal more to certain age groups than others, but accessories are very interchangeable between age groups for the most part. Children will probably enjoy book bags or lunch boxes covered in a popular Pop art print to take to school with them. Young teens may be more interested in a fashionable watch, or new purse that is adorned with Pop art accents. Young adults typically follow trends most widely, so they will typically try out just about any accessory with a print they find fun, funky and fashionable. Purses, and Jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are some of the most popular accessories for young adults. Mid-aged adults, as well as seniors, tend to try to tone down major prints that draw a lot of attention. A simple scarf, watch, or small earrings are most typical for this age group. But what is most important to remember about accessories is that they are ageless, and in all actuality, people of any age can appropriately wear Pop art inspired accessories.

Shoes (Sneakers, Heels & Sandals)
Shoes are a very personal fashion choice and they are much harder to place according to age groups. There are children that love heels and seniors that love sneakers. Really what ends up separating the age groups is, once again, the extent to which they utilize the print on their shoes. The younger a person is, the more likely they are to take a risk on a fully-patterned Pop art inspired pair of shoes. Being eclectic at a younger age is often seen as fashionable, whereas when someone who is older attempts the same thing, it isn't always highly regarded as a superb fashion choice. With age, a certain level of minimalism is expected, so therefore, it is no surprise that most mid-aged adults and senior citizens will typically purchase shoes that have accents of Pop art patterns, rather then shoes that are very loud and covered in the pattern.

The fact is people are welcome to wear anything they want to at any age, and express themselves however they feel most comfortable. According to certain trends though, younger fashion-forward people tend to push the boundaries of fashion with bold statements, while the older crowd tends to keep their style more minimalistic and practical.

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