Design Your Own IPhone Case Or Let A Professional Do It Your Way

Whether you are looking to customize an iPhone case with a photograph of you and a loved one, or you want to design your own art for the case, you'll need to know a few tips before getting started. In most cases it is best to design your own iPhone case using online programs that specialize in case customization. Trying to design a case at home without the proper tools may weaken the iPhone case, making the phone vulnerable if dropped or scraped. It may restrict the case from breathing, leading to the phone overheating, or if a flaking material is used, residue from the design may result in a dirty and gummed up phone system.

A number of companies specialize in iPhone case design, and you will likely find the format that fits your needs. You can create your own photo template to commemorate a favorite vacation or a special moment with someone you care about. You can order a case with an important or funny saying that emblemizes your personality. You may want to use a stock image, whether art or photography from a third-party website, or you may want to create your own artistic design. In any of these situations, a specialized iPhone case designer will be able to help you create the custom image you want for your phone.

However, what if you want to design your own case at home? You can choose a Do it Yourself option for case customization as long as you know what materials to use and how to safely prepare the case. Some people prefer designing a case themselves because it is cheaper, more meaningful or more unique. With a simple process and a list of dos and don'ts, you can make an iPhone case that will protect your phone and display concepts that matter to you.

If you choose to design your own case you will have to use a hardcover and not a gel cover, or a neoprene skin. Only hardcover cases can be manipulated without hampering the case's functionality. Adding any foreign product to a neoprene or softcover will lead to cracks in the skin and may prevent the cover from breathing properly.

With a hardcover, you can add stickers, permanent marker and water-based paints without affecting the way the case breaths. You should avoid oil or acrylic based paints as these both create a vapor lock and prevent air exchange. Moreover, acrylic paints tend to chip and can get into the inner-workings of the phone causing it to run poorly or breakdown entirely.

If you choose to use stickers on your iPhone case, clean the case with an alcohol wipe to make sure you remove all dust. If, when you apply a homemade sticker to the case, there is dust or debris on the case, it will result in an uneven surface and shortened cover case life. Of course, do not cover over the camera hole or any other porthole as this will not only prevent proper usage of the phone but prevent necessary airflow. You may wish to design an iPhone case in this way, or you may find that utilizing an online case customizer is an easier option. Research and be careful and you will enjoy a good end product.

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