How Do I Register a Trademark?

A product that has been trademarked has been done so to protect its originality. When you have worked hard on a logo and branding that go along with a product you created, you want to do everything you can to protect the uniqueness. First you will need to register a trademark with the Federal government. There are a lot of steps that you have to take to protect your products, but it is worth it in the long run.

Words, phrases and symbols can be trademarked as long as they identify and distinguish goods that belong to one entity, from the next. In some cases, depending on the product, images and wording you are trying to trademark, you may wish to consult with a private trademark advocate.

A private trademark lawyer can aid you with the process from the beginning to the end. By no means are you required to use an attorney, but they can be extremely helpful with research concerning state registration and federal registration.

The following information is defined by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. There is a standard character arrangement that is used to register letters, numbers, words and combinations of all the above. Claims may not be made upon design elements such as color, font style and size when filing these types of format.

A stylized design format is considered to be suitable if you desire to register it with a particular design element for the sake of the appearance you want to protect. Perhaps you have a certain sound associated with your creation that you wish to protect. This is not unheard of either.

Next you will need to clearly identify the services and or goods that you want to trademark. You will need to search the U.S. Patent Trademark Office to make sure that no one else has already applied a trademark to your creation. Once you have determined that your product is clear for trademarking you will need to identify the foundation for filing your trademark submission.

If by chance you have previously used the design in commerce, you can register under the basis of use in commerce. If you mark has not been used otherwise, then you have to file it under the basis of intent to use.

The next step is to file your trademark application. You can do this online and the website is easy to find with complete directions on how to properly file your application. In order to finish this process you will need to pay the required charges. There are three things that will determine the amount you need to pay. The first is the amount of marks you need, then the quantity of classes the marks pertain to, and the varieties of the form you are going to use. Once you have paid the fees then you your application will be processed.

Now you will need to make a habit of checking the standing of your trademark application. This should be done within three to four months since the time you filed initially. Be careful that you do not miss a filing closing date.  


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