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My name is Jeffrey Thomas, also known as HealthNut: someone who is crazy about living a Healthy Lifestyle, as well as preaching to others about how they can live a healthier life.

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Different people have different body functioning, tastes and preferences.This is no different when it comes to an adrenaline rush. While a greater majority of p
The fear or obsession with death and dying is very real, and it is one of the leading phobias in the United States. Some people are so obsessed with death, that
Obesity is a disease that is quite alarming. Just like when we have a disease - we try hard to get cured, in the same way when we have unwanted fat accumulatio
Most people that have anxiety have problems with nausea and suffer from dizzy spells. There are all kinds of different solutions you can try to help with these
Millions of people around the world suffer from a common stress or reactor known as anxiety. Anxiety, also referred to as angst or worry, is an intense uneasy p
Jumping rope is a highly energetic and fun exercise. A moderate jump roping speed of between 70 and 120 turns per minute for a period of fifteen minutes burns a
It is a known fact that many medications can be very harmful when used during pregnancy to the Mother and Unborn Child. What some may not realize is that severa
It is impossible to predict how long an individual will stay on this earth, regardless of the disease that they have. However, history and experience can be abl
Acid reflux is extremely painful indigestion that affects millions of people around the world. Acid reflux occurs when acid returns from the stomach into the es
When you meet a person or walk up to a store, the first thing that people get to see is your face. Impression is created. The first inkling means a lot.
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