Sharks are known to have an extremely strong sense of smell for body fluid. However, blood is the most known body fluid that sharks are most attracted to. They
There can be several reasons we would not want to leave our pets outside or inside without access to the other. During severe weather, colder months and hot day
You can imagine how big the snake looks like. It is termed as the largest of all snakes that are found on earth today. Its scientific name “eunectesmurinus” i
Most individuals are not technologically savvy, but once in a while everyone finds themselves in circumstances where they need to have some knowledge about oper
Entertainment has never been as easy and as diverse as it is in our present day and age. There are various television channels that cater to all tastes, prefere
On one busy Monday morning, when you are getting ready for that important meeting, your cell phone rings. You look at the screen display and either accept the c
Electronic circuits contain gold which can be removed, although it’s not advisable. Any old circuit board contains a little bit of gold, which can be removed by