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I'm pretty furious about my response given by the Arlington Police Department. This is more nonsense given by them to sweep the incident under the rug. They tru
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PPC is an advertising method that allows an advertiser (such as yourself) to only pay when your ad is actually clicked, rather than the "CPM" method where you p
Media Buying is the process of purchasing advertising on web properties. While this is usually directly from the owner of the property, there's also various net
Sadistic Cops have been killing dogs for longer than I could imagine, but this is 2012 and we now know who belongs behind bars or in mental hospitals and wh
Here we are, again. It seems like just a few weeks ago that I wrote about Cisco, the dog who was shot by a "Police Officer" who clearly has a sick and twisted m
That title is a bit misleading, I admit. A lot of people are afraid of Google and it's updates. They fear that all of their hard work and sleepless nights will
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