There's a lot of reasons why you could fail as an Affiliate, but there's 3 well known reasons why the majority of affiliates fail.
PPV is an acronym for Pay Per View. It has absolutely nothing to do with Pay Per View TV, it's simply a platform for advertising, much like PPC is. PPV is usual
Most Affiliate Marketers are looking to make that quick buck. But what happens when that quick buck is gone, like tomorrow? It's on to the next quick buck for m
Snuggled in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas is a beautiful lake called Lake Ouachita (pronounced WAH-shi-tah). I have been visiting this lake for over 5 year
While the world is still stuck on stories about Trayvon Martin, Marissa Alexander, a 31 year old Mother from Florida was recently sentenced to 20 years in Priso
A positive attitude can do wonders for your self esteem, as well as your career and love life. While many people have been brought up into negative environments
Everyone has a chance to have either a positive or negative outlook on life, so what have you chosen? Unfortunately, for most of us, we've surrounded ourselves
In the age of electronic media of internet, TV, radio, etc., many of us often wonder if newspaper ads are effective or not? The truth is, yes, as newspapers are
I'm a big time Oklahoma Sooners fan and I have watched a lot of Big 12 games because of it. Truthfully, I've seen a lot of decent Dual Threat QB's in the Big 12, some of whom are currently playing in the league, but none as fully talented as RGIII.
Are Entrepreneurs born or are they created? Over the years we've heard how you have to be born an Entrepreneur, and that you can't just develop into one. I think that's true to an extent, but I think that's being a "natural" Entrepreneur, someone who was born with certain skills, whereas someone who was not born with certain traits could develop most of the skills needed to become what is known as an Entrepreneur.
Everybody and their mom seems to be trying to jump into the Affiliate Marketing game, and it's going to get ever worse down the road. Does this mean that it's becoming too saturated? Heck no! There's far too many companies making far too many sales for the market to become saturated!
I'm an avid Dog lover, as well as the "owner" of several dogs who are pretty spoiled. I couldn't imagine anything ever happening to them, although I'm very fear
There's a lot of good (and some great) TV shows on television these days, but there's very few realistic shows, especially shows about real-life Business. I started watching Shark Tank during the first season, and I've come to realize that the show is becoming more and more "serious."
Making Money Online is not as easy as some would have you to believe, but it's probably not as hard as you might imagine, either.
Over the past few months, I've noticed a lot of people claim that Affiliate Marketers have "secrets" to success and they're not sharing... this is NOT true. Not at all.
As an Affiliate Marketer you should understand that conversions are one of the most difficult aspects of this business. While it's an obviously difficult task, there are ways to convert more sales, and I will try to explain the various ways to accomplish more conversions in this Article.
Want to become a better Affiliate Marketer? Have you been trying to learn Affiliate Marketing, but felt that what you were learning was a bunch of bologna? Well, you might be right.
Affiliate Marketing can be quite a daunting task for any individual just starting out. So what can you do to ensure your success in this business? Well, here's 5 steps to becoming a better Affiliate Marketer.
Affiliates have a hard time earning respect. Why? Because we don't know WHO to respect. Yep, we tend to hide from other Affiliates so that we can keep the compe
When I first began Affiliate Marketing I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I had no real clue about what I was doing... I was just going with the wind.