Where To Find A Quality Used Car in The UK

Starting out on the search for a used car can seem like an extremely daunting task. The used car market in Britain is booming in light of the economic downturn and the fall in new car sales. With such a wide array of used cars to choose from all over the UK, it is much harder to police. There will always be unscrupulous dealers trying to offload poor vehicles on unsuspecting and trusting customers.

Don't be afraid to dip into the used car market though, as there are some great deals to be had on quality used cars. Here are three main places where to you can search for a used car:

Private sale

Private sellers can provide a goldmine of used car bargains as they often want a quick sale and will offer huge discounts for cash. Moreover, not being trained salesman you can sometimes haggle effectively to get the price down.

However, when buying from a private seller there is very little protecting you. The only obligation of a private seller is to advertise the car as you find it. Once you have driven away there is very little come back if something goes wrong

So, when buying from a private seller, be sure to:
* Check the seller is legitimate - Call them and arrange to view the car at their house. Once there, ask for evidence that they do actually reside there
* Investigate the service history to see if there are any discrepancies in mileage and wear of the vehicle
* Always do a thorough visual inspection and comprehensive test drive of the vehicle

At a dealership

When buying from a dealer you have a safety net to protect you if you are sold a vehicle in poor condition in the form of the Sale of Goods Act. They must sell you a car in 'satisfactory condition' or advise you otherwise. If it breaks down shortly after selling it, you are within your rights to have it repaired by the dealer, if you can prove the problem existed when you bought it.

As legitimate businesses, dealerships will have the pick of the best used cars and there are bargains to be had. Beware though, trained salesmen are very good at haggling and you might find yourself paying over the odds if you haven't done your homework.

Used car supermarkets

Traditionally, used car supermarkets are vast sites offering a huge stock of almost new and barely used cars. However, they are most likely to be the basic models and there is often little room for manoeuvre on price.

Always remember to look over customer reviews of cars bought from the used car supermarket. This will give you a valuable insight into any potential issues and the quality of the cars available.

If you are beginning your search for used cars Edinburgh or used cars Falkirk, remember do thorough research of not just the cars, but also the people you are buying from too.

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