The Five Key Auto Finance Terms You Need to Know

If you’re looking for automotive financing, then the auto finance terms and conditions must be made clear during the time of the purchase. There are five important finance terms that you must know before investing in a new or used automobile. The auto loan is an asset and it is a type of lower risk loan, because if the purchaser cannot repay the loan, then the car is (hopefully) taken away and then sold to get the loss amount back. However, that is a longer process and it can take a lot of time, in most cases. This is why auto loans are not just given away without plenty of assurance by the financial institute.

There is a certain process, as well as hidden charges, that most bankers usually will not disclose, but later they demand and force those terms. To avoid any bad situations, you must look for the financial institute that has a good market reputation and helps to get you financed for your car without as much hassle.

1. The first auto finance key term includes the dealer sticker price, which is the suggested price by the manufacturer. It is not the actual price and it is always suggested, before investing, to check other dealers before your purchase to be sure that you’re receiving the best deal possible.

2. The second important term is the dealer invoice price, which is the amount that a dealer pays to the manufacturer. This is the profit area of any dealer where you can actually go in to start negotiation. The profit of the dealer can be determined by comparing this price. You should always do your research prior to purchasing or signing a contract with a dealership. You may be surprised what you’re missing out on!

3. The third important term of the auto finance deal is the percentage rate, which is calculated on an annual basis. This includes all the small and big rates which are included in the loan term. The percentage varies with the tenure for which the loan is taken for.

4. The fourth important term includes the rebate part. This is another the area of bargaining. Every individual opting for auto financing must look for good rebate or any other offers that will help them to save money, yet enjoy the privilege of driving the vehicle that they really want.

5. Last but not the least, the fifth term is dealer financing. The dealer can help you with low monthly installments, however you must check the interest rates and the tenure before signing the deal. Dealer financing can cost you more than you bargained for, so be sure to think twice if the low APR sounds like a “can’t miss deal.”

In the end, the auto finance company lets you fulfill your dream of buying the car you want at a (hopefully) good price, as well as a good loan term. The terms and conditions of the loan will vary from each other and most will at least have competitive terms. The few important terms as discussed must always be checked before making any kind of investment. Discounts and rebates, as well as the price value, must match and it should not be extra. You can read about various finance terms online and then you can decide from there.

Always keep in mind that the best APR does not mean that you’re getting the best deal. Do your research and you will find that it’s much easier to walk away with a great purchase, and sometimes it’s much better than what you dreamed about.


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