6 Reasons Why Truck Drivers Should Love GPS Tracking

Every company wants to get the most from it resources. Keeping track of what employees are doing is an increasing trend in the business world. Not just truck driving companies but local fleet van workers who do cable repair, installation of windows or carpet and garbage truck pickups have been able to benefit from tracking devices. Having tracking devices in company owed vehicles can really help out the bottom line.

Equipment and personnel are the two biggest resources that truck driving companies have. Knowing where the driver and vehicle are at all time makes good business sense for the company but what about the driver? Why would a driver want the company tracking every move he makes as he performs his job?

From the company point of view the benefits of being tracked are cut and dried. Most companies that have put systems in place have achieved cost savings and increased efficiency. But what about the employees? What do the drivers think about having their every move watched and tracked? Here are some reasons tracking helps the driver:

Show a Job Well Done

The number one reason truck drivers like tracking devices is the device shows they have done their job to the best of their ability. The load was picked up when it was suppose to be and the driver made every attempt to get it to the drop off location in the best possible time.

Regulations compliance

With new regulations about drivers using cell phones while driving GPS tracking devices let the company know where the driver is without having a distracting phone call. This makes the driver safer and the saves time and trouble for both the driver and supervisor.

Automatic Proof of Visits and Proof of Service

GPS often will give the best historical route information to a driver who is going some where he has never been. Other company drivers have found the best truck route and this can save the the driver considerable time especially when traveling into a city the driver may not have been to before. Many cities have streets where trucks are prohibited or streets that are simply to tight for a large truck to safely get through. When the driver has this information in advance it makes their job much easier.

Better Customer Service

When a driver is late for a delivery the customer will complain to the company. The company will want to know why the driver was late. The driver's tracking device will show he was doing his job by staying on route and following company policies. There are occasions when the load simply cannot get from point A to point B in the time allotted. The driver has proof that everything within his power was done to get the load there on time.

Demonstrate Dedication To The Job

Every employee wants to be recognized for their hard work. Tracking devices in trucks can show the company who the most efficient drivers are. Employees who work hard and make the company look good to customers are worth the recognition.

More Safety

Safety for drivers is another reason to like the system. Truck drivers are out on their own all the time. If a driver gets sick and his truck does not move when it was suppose to the company knows there is a problem and can send someone to investigate.

The idea of having every work day move you make tracked can be scary, but for employees who do their jobs and are proud of their work this system is not a problem but a help.

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