Are You Having Trouble Getting Your New Baby to Sleep

Sleep deprivation is one of the most common complaints among parents of new born babies. Some babies are great and sleep readily, others it is a constant challenge to get them into some sort of routine.

Following a feed, some babies are alert and playful and others are drowsy and ready for a sleep. A regular routine helps baby settle more quickly for sleep. Try the following tips

Act quickly when tired signs are present. Overtired babies can be harder to settle.

1) Make sure that your baby is clean, dry and comfortable.

2) Give your baby a quiet cuddle, this is their wind down time. Sing a lullaby in a quiet calm environment.

3) Put your baby in the bassinette or cot on their back.

4) Try wrapping 0-4 months babies with cotton cot sheet only.

5) Darkening the room may be helpful.

6) Settle your baby in their cot for sleeping as they will often settle more easily and for longer in their cot or bassinette.

7) Try leaving your baby to go to sleep on their own if they are quiet and relaxed.

If your baby Grizzles or cries

Some babies do not settle easily on their own and will grizzle and cry for some time. If your baby is like this then try the following steps:

1) Speak soothingly to your baby, try "sh sh" noise or sing softly.

2) Try to relax your baby in the cot with the following methods

Place baby on their side, one hand on their should and the other on their bottom, patting the nappy area or Rocking the cot - movement can settle baby. Playing music - some babies dont like quiet. Stroking your babies head and offering a dummy (if they use one) - a reassuring touch can do wonders. Changing the babies position as they may not be comfortable . Continue this until your baby appears relaxed

If your baby still won't settle

1) Pick up your baby for a cuddle

2) Change your baby's nappy if necessary

3) Try Burping your baby

4) Settle your baby in the cot as before

But my baby still won't settle!

If baby still hasn't settled within 10-15 minutes try some of the following:

Go for a walk with your baby in the pram. Rock the pram over a bump in the carpet, tiles etc .Give your baby a warm bath Massage your baby. Settle your baby in the cot as before If this hasn't worked - then go about your normal routine and try again when tired signs appear again.

If your baby wakes quickly in less than 1 hour, it may be possible to resettle them. If your baby does not resettle, then they may not need a longer sleep at this time.

It is also important to look at medical problems too if babies sleep patterns are not improving. Things like reflux, ear infections, teething and viral illness's can also impact on how baby sleeps.

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