How Long Should Your Grill Chicken

We all love grilling, and many of us like Grilled Chicken. But there's always the question of how long should you cook it? Well, that depends. It depends on the heat you intend to cook the chicken at.

The best way to grill chicken is to cook it with low heat for a longer period of time, like 45 minutes or more at around 250 degrees This will help the chicken cook thoroughly and you don't risk charring the chicken with high flames (not a fan!).
The key here is to make sure that you move the chicken around, which requires constant attention. Nobody said it would be easy being a great cook!
Of course, if you like charred chicken then you can cook it at a higher temperature and cook it for less time. Doing this means that you need to inspect the chicken with a knife and fork to see if the chicken is done (not pink), but this is not always the best way to judge whether it's done or not, as it also releases the moisture from the chicken. Bad!
I would encourage you to purchase a meat themometer and check to see if it's done this way. If it's boneless, it should register at 170 degrees F. If the bone is in, then you're looking at 180 degrees F. 
Of course, there's so many different variables that come into play when cooking chicken, so keep those in mind.  The key is to make sure that the chicken is done, but not overly done, which is why I suggest that you use a meat themometer.
If you have any questions or suggestions be sure to ask!


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