Things You Need For A Barbecue

A Shopping List of Barbecue Supplies

Planning a barbecue can be fun and making a list can be a necessary part of the party plan to make sure that all necessities and items are available. Some like to have barbecues at outside venues such as lakes, beaches, or parks. If one is planning a barbecue that will not be at home or a familiar place the first action should be to check the venue for parking availability, if the area needs to be reserved, if there are rental fees or parking fees and what items are allowable such as alcohol.

Outside venues will also require that trash be disposed of properly and local laws be followed. If there is a no burn or pollution ban then some types of barbecuing may not be possible many like to have roasts or barbecues in which they build large bonfires to cook pigs or goats and these types of barbecues need to be in designated safe areas.

Once you have determined the type of barbecue and the location then a list for shopping can be determined. When having a barbecue one can supply the entire menu of items or have guest bring dishes, drinks and utensils. Determining what food items and beverages are supplied or as a responsibility of guests will also determine how the invitations are worded and sent, and if RSVP is necessary.

Adding to the menu of food and beverage items including utensils and serving platters or dishes are often disposable preferences. With disposable food ware it is very important to include trash bags or cans to the list. Some may even separate recyclable items from trash items so two type of disposals may be necessary.

A barbecue can include a variation of cooking and some may prefer one over the other. One can use a grill with charcoal or propane, and some outside venues will have a grill on site or supplying your own may be necessary. Transporting a large gas grill can require extra supplies as well if using charcoal it is necessary to have required items such as starter fluid, matches, flavored chips and charcoal. Either at home or away it is also important to have safety items that are necessary to put out fires and treat burns.

Now that the type of barbecue and location have been determined and the food and beverage items are listed and designated one can include storage and serving items to their lists. It may be necessary to purchase coolers and ice and the quantity will be determined by the amount of cold beverages needed, if some food items will require that they are kept chilled and the weather.

For extremely warm weather it may also be necessary to shade food and beverage items to save on ice usage and small prop umbrellas, canopies or tents may be needed. This will also be determined by how the food will be served. If picnic tables are available or if tables will be needed and seating, will one be using blankets or chairs or a combination of both. Seating can be a responsibility of the guest and they can be required to bring chairs and blankets or they can be supplied and may need to be added to the shopping list.

Some ideas for a BBQ are:

  • Hot Dogs
  • Hot Dog buns
  • Hamburger/Ground Beef
  • Hamburger Buns
  • Chicken: You can try different things here, but breasts and thighs are always the best for most events
  • Steaks: there's always a few who just want steak. Make them happy if it's not too expensive!
  • Other meat ideas: Sausages (different types), Meatballs, Turkey Burgers, Seafood and Fish.
  • Cheese:¬†several types is always best for bigger events, but American is always a good choice.
  • Mayo, Mustard and Ketchup. Maybe even relish and/or pickles
  • Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder are always good
  • Veggies: Tomatoes, Avocado, Onion (diced for Hot Dogs, sliced for burgers), Lettuce/Spinach (depending on how healthy everyone is)
  • Salad: You never know who may be vegan or vegetarian. Don't offend them if they are, just get some basic Salad ingredients and keep everyone happy!
  • Drinks: Soda, Water, Juice and Beer. These are usually the big 4 if there's adults and kids.¬†
  • Chips: I would suggest grabbing different types, but plain is always best in most cases. Plain and Cheesy is all you really need.
  • Dishes: head to the dollar store or Wal-Mart and grab some cheap plates, napkins, paper towels, cups, spoons, knives and forks.¬†

Of course, you could always grab other items such as Beans, Potato Salad, Ice Cream and things of that nature. Don't go broke, just get enough to have fun. There's usually always stores around, so if you run out - run out for more!


almost 9 years ago

I would recommend going natural all the way to the end. I mean, since you're already out on the open after naturally-infused good time, you might as well do it proper. My suggestion is this: when you make kebabs, use branch sticks that are stripped of their bark. Make sure to get those branches green, directly from the plants. After that, when you put the kebabs on top of the fire, place the green bark on top to infuse with a natural scent. Cheers :)

over 8 years ago

Great list, can't wait for summer to come round again!

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