Madonna's Hairstyles Through the Years

When you have been in the public eye for a sufficient amount of time, it is impossible to dodge the criticism on your individual style – this is definitely the case for the legendary Madonna. Whether you agree or disagree with her unique looks, no one can deny that Madonna is certainly one of a kind when it comes to her hairstyles.

1980’s is infamous for its fashion. The introduction of major trends that are still around today have the 80’s era to thank, and some would even say this is when Madonna really started to sparkle, starting some key styles of her own – for example, the oversized bow. Implementing such a strong statement piece into her everyday style allowed the ‘messy-chic’ look to be truly appreciated in its own right thanks to the girly starlet.

The look has come around a second time and is still well-loved today – the best way to wear a large hair piece a la Madonna is by pushing the front section (whether you have a fringe or not) back, and then pushing the bow forwards slightly to add volume. The rest of the hair is allowed to be natural to add to the full-bodied finish.

On the total other end of the spectrum, Madonna also bought the poker-straight style into the limelight some years later. Still with her short, level bob, the singer straightened her bleach blonde hair and allowed her natural brown roots to show through at the centre parting.

When her hair started to grow, Madonna decided on a more chiselled style for some appearances, starting the trend of the ‘flicked layers’. By allowing her fringe to grow and sit in a sweeping sideways parting, Madonna let her shoulder length hair sit neatly on her shoulders. To add that final spark to her style, the star used rollers to curl the bottom of her fringe and remaining locks.

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