Laser Hair Removal - Does it Really Work?

In order to determine if laser hair removal really works, you need to understand what it is. Laser hair removal has been in the experiment stages for the past twenty years. It became available commercially in the middle of the nineties. While this process is considered to belong to the dermatology community, it began in the medical community. Today the average consumer can purchase laser hair removal equipment to use in the privacy of their own homes. The question of whether laser hair removal works or not has been the primary focus for this treatment.

How Laser Hair Removal Treatments Work

Laser hair removal is the act of matching a wavelength of light with the proper duration of pulse to effectively target and remove hair without affecting the tissue surrounding the particle. The technical term is selective photothermolysis. A laser heats melanin, a dark target matter, in the location of hair growth, namely the follicle, while keeping the rest of the skin safe from the heat. Dark objects absorb light. The laser is thus absorbed by any dark material on your skin with increased intensity and speed.

The primary chromophore of lasers that remove hair is melanin. Melanin is the elements that gives your hair and skin their color and occurs naturally in your body.Hair has two types of melanin. Pheomelanin is the element that gives hair red or blond color. Eumelanin is known to give hair a black or brown color. Since lasers absorb selective photons, brown or black hairs are the only hairs that are successfully removed. A laser is known to best work with coarse, dark hair. Where beauty is concerned, dark hair and light skin are an ideal permutation and produce the best results when it comes to laser hair removal. New lasers are created every day to try and help people with dark skin and dark hair use the benefits of laser hair removal too.

Professional Opinions of Laser Hair Treatments

The Food and Drug Administration has already approved laser hair removal as a permanent hair removal system. The FDA defines long-term and stable hair reduction to be permanent hair reduction. The stable reduction of hair and the regrowth after a treatment from a laser hair removal system is the exact definition that has been applied and approved by the FDA.

Although the FDA calls this permanent, there has been regrowth of hair in treated areas. This usually does not happen for a few years, and not all of the hair grows back nearly as strong or often. The removal may not be completely permanent, but it is for a long enough period of time that you can enjoy smooth skin without the need of shaving.

That leads you to ask exactly why you would want to invest in this type of treatment. The answers are clear. Laser hair treatment gives you back much needed time and for women, sanity. A woman’s life is full of razors, creams and hair treatments that have been added to her daily routine. It takes time to shave various body parts. Some women become so tired of the chore that they skip it during winter months, claiming that they can keep certain body parts under cover so no one will see hair growth. Laser hair technology has taken this stress and strain away from a woman’s daily routine and given her hair loss efficacy in all the right places and speed instead. The efficacy of hair removal lies completely in the hands of your laser technician, however.

Does Laser Hair Removal Really Work?

How well a laser hair treatment works is dependent upon the type of laser treatment you are using and the experience of the operator. Most laser hair removal treatments require repeat visits until all the hair is removed. A lot of hair removal conditions are determined by skin type and laser type. If you have a large area to treat, such as a hairy back of a man, then you may need a least eight treatments to enjoy the full effect. If you find that you are not responding well to laser hair removal treatments then it could be that you need a different laser used upon the area instead.

Whether laser hair removal really works or not is something you will have to define for yourself after trying the treatment. You will need to give yourself plenty of time to respond to the treatments too. There are some things you want to keep in mind when you are looking for a laser hair removal clinic.

Find a Good Hair Removal Clinic

In the world of hair removal lasers, not all machines are created equal. Before you pick a clinic you should ask them a few questions and even consider finding a clinic that gives away a trial treatment for free. One treatment may not show much hair loss, but you will get an idea of how it works. This will also give you a chance to find out more about the machine itself. You want to make sure that you are going to clinics that have taken the time to keep their machines updated. This means that they replace older machines that are outdated with newer technology that can improve your experience.

When you are treated by an outdated laser hair removal machine, it could cause you to make repeated visits to the clinic with very slow progress. The point is to remove the hair from your body in an effective manner, not the money from your wallet. While you should not skimp on what you pay for treatments, you also should make sure you are not wasting your time and money on outdated equipment. Besides making sure you save money, you need to be aware of the state of the art equipment that is being used and check to make sure that it is safe, as well as how long it has been in use.

In order for laser hair removal treatments to work for you in the long run, you need to make a commitment to have the treatments done regularly. This type of treatment takes time in order to remove all the hair you wish to remove, depending on the body part.The removal may not be permanent, but it lasts long enough to keep you worry free for months.If you do not have enough money in your budget to afford regular laser hair removal treatments, you can check with your local clinic for affordable payment plans. A lot of clinics want your business and will work with you.  


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