Hair Styles from the Autumn / Winter 2012 Shows at Milan Fashion Week

While the end of the summer brings the dreary weather and miserable, grey clouds, one thing that there is to look forward to is the introduction of the new styles – both in terms of fashion and hair. Really we are spoilt for choice when it comes to fashion weeks, with London, Paris, Milan… the list is endless. We have scrutinised the hair style choices from London and New York fashion week, and now it is time to look at the hair styles from Milan fashion week 2012.

The first look that we were instantly attracted to was the straight, chic, sleek look from the girls at Jil Sander. The hair style could easily be perceived as boring initially – as it was mainly just straight, however Sander ensured that the her hair style choice from Milan fashion week was on point by adding a thin strand of hair either side of the face and slightly curling the tips outwards to finish.

Never one to disappoint, Fendi has the ability to go all out in terms of clothing, make-up and hair styles, as the looks are almost always perfect. Teaming a stunning clothing line with daring coloured eye liners (for example mixing blue, yellow and white all at once), one would assume that the hair styles would need to be kept simple so as not to distract from the clothes. However, as proved by Fendi at Milan fashion week 2012, this isn’t always the case. The girls from Fendi had their hair in a messy-chic up do, gripped back off of the face by eye catching Alice bands.

Bottega Veneta also displayed the beauty within a messy-chic up to at Milan fashion week. By keeping the hair looking naturally tousled, the girls had the hair secured in to a loose, low bun at the nape of the neck. This was fastened with hidden Kirby grips.

The final look that we were most impressed with at Milan fashion week came from Moschino. Not one to shy away from the more outrageous looks, Moschino paired beautiful, stylish, sophisticated clothing, with an attention seeking (for all the right reasons), larger than life hair style. By backcombing the front section of the hair before securing into a large quiff and then discreetly adding a hair piece, Moschino was able to create the perfect half up hair style. The loose hair was straightened to finish the look. This made the girls’ hair look full of life, complementing the clothes perfectly.


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