Benefits is a high quality content website that enables authors to freely submit their original content in exchange for:

Brand Recognition – use your content to help build your brand or website, whether it's personal or professional. High Quality content that provides useful information can help take you to an entirely new level, which can also bring you many new followers.

"Virality" – your submissions to can create a viral effect that could lead to many more readers, RSS subscribers, Email List Subscribers and more. Our site utilizes Social Media tools that encourage our readers to spread your articles around, as well as comment on your articles for instant feedback. We're not simply an Article Distribution point, we're a community first.

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Website Traffic - your content submissions can get you more traffic to your website(s)! While we don't allow any SEO trickery with link building, we do realize that our Authors work hard on their content and deserve some recognition for their hard work. Use your Profile and content to post a link back to your website for more traffic!

Community – is a community that relies on it's users. We're a part of this community ourselves and we enjoy building upon it. Our users build connections through our Networking Tools and give feedback to help authors improve upon their content. We're a proud community and we all strive to improve and help each other grow.