Effective Brand Experience Leads To Increasing Profits

Not that long ago I wrote a 5 part blog series on increasing profits.If you haven't read it yet, it contained information about how to best use 5 types of marketing systems to get more customers who spend more and buy more often. Assuming you have got your costing right, this leads to increasing profits.The types of marketing system featured in the series were:

Mailing lists
Social Media Marketing
Online Events

Today, I want to go beyond the tools and tactics and take you to the reason why these things work…

Brand Experience

You're going to be hearing a whole lot more about brand experience over coming months for good reason.

  • Want to know what makes your customers say YES! It's your brand experience.
  • Want to know what keeps them coming back for more? It's your brand experience.
  • Want to know why they tell their friends about your business? You guessed it, it's your brand experience.

Ever felt like you are doing everything the 'right' way but it's just not working?

Your tweets aren't driving traffic. Your newspaper ad didn't get the phones ringing off the hook.Your website visitors aren't buying.

Why isn't your marketing getting results?

Quite simply, there is something out of alignment. Something simple you can tweak that makes a whole lot of difference.

MindValley tested the order it presented different packages of a product and found that the order they thought would be the most effective and that simple change actually lowered sales by 71.92%.

How you present yourself, your business and your products and services is the difference between success and failure and there's definitely no 'one size fits all'.

The words you use.The price you charge.Your method of communication. The people and brands you associate with.Each and every one of these things are pieces of the brand experience puzzle and there's a lot more factors involved.

Past customers are already sold on who you are and what you offer. Potential customers who you have been in contact with via various media or face to face understand more about who you are and what you offer and if you have tweaked your marketing system to drive people towards your strongest sales method.

It's so much easier to get sales when you have already done the hard work of developing the know, like and trust factor.

If you have ongoing low-cost and even no-cost methods that work to develop relationships with potential customers and keep you at the front of mind when it comes to current and past customers; you can dramatically cut the cost of marketing for each sale or as I like to say you get more bucks for your bang.

  • Imagine if you could grow your business with the resources you are already using.
  • Imagine if you could get the maximum return from the investment of time and money you put into marketing your business.

When you make the decision to create a brand experience that draws in your ideal customer and then continue to involve that customer as part of the experience after the initial sale, this is exactly what happens. The tyhpes of marketing system you can use are like a car. The brand experience you create (or fail to create!) is like the fuel in the tank. Get it wrong and you will splutter and stall. Get it right and you will fly down the track of success.

Lianne-carla Savage helps entrepreneurial women to grow their businesses and live a life they love. Her latest program Marketing #SOS is designed to make online marketing quick and simple. You can find out about this course at http://working-freedom.co.uk/marketing-sos/


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