3D Visualisation - Seeing Your Home Before It's Built in the UK

3D visualisation is the modern day version of an artist's impression of a building. Now with sophisticated computer software it is possible for a 3D visualiser to create photo-realistic images and animations of proposed developments long before construction takes place.

A look through your local property magazine will provide many examples of such images. Often the images are so convincing that you may think you are looking at a photo of an existing building. These high-quality 3D visualisations have been the domain of the largest architectural practices and developers until fairly recently. However as costs have come down this service is now available to small scale developments such as a new house or even a simple kitchen extension.

Visuals can be created for the exterior of the property or for any individual room or space within. You can even have a 'walk-through' video presentation of the property which would take you on a virtual tour of your new house.

Why use 3D Visualisation services on your project?

See Your New Home Before It's Built

3D visuals can be an invaluable tool for the self-builder. Not everyone can comfortably read 2D construction plans. Quite often the amount of information on 2D plans obscures the building design. Therefore a 3D visualisation can step in to give you a clear picture of your final build.

If you are spending tens of thousands of pounds on a project you need to know that the finished build will be what you wanted in the first place. For instance would you buy a new £50k car having only seen some 2D plans of the design? A 3D visualisation is the closest you can get to a 'test drive' of your new house.

Save Money by Making Design Changes before Construction Starts

A 3D visualisation may bring to light design elements that you would like to change. A lot of money and time will be saved by making these changes to the construction plans before building work begins.

An On-Site Visual Aid

On a recent small café development the client had a 3D visual produced and this was placed on a board and kept on site with the construction drawings. It helped everyone on the build to focus on what they where creating so they were all on the same wavelength.

Interior Design Options

A 3D visualiser can work with you and your interior designer to show particular furniture and colours/finishes within the interior images of the build. You can get several options created showing different flooring or kitchen designs to help you choose your fixtures and fittings.

Essentially it is all about showing you what you will get for your money. You get this with all other purchases in life so why not with the most expensive one you are likely to make?!

How much does it cost?

Prices vary dramatically from company to company as does the level of skill.

There are many businesses providing these services and it is important to use someone with an understanding of architecture and construction to ensure the visualisations are as accurate as possible.

Spectrum 3D is focused on making visuals affordable for small projects and provides 3D visuals from £100. A typical 3 bed house would be around £150-200 for a set of front and rear views. Internal views would be from £100 per room.

Paul Bell is a qualified Architectural Technician with 18 years' experience in the construction industry. Over the past 10 years he has developed his skills as a 3D visualiser and now runs his own 3D visualisation company focused on offering technically accurate visuals to individuals and corporate clients. Spectrum 3D Visualisation

Advice provided by Colin Kimmins of Home Build Help Limited, providing building advice for home users across the UK through a series of self-help packs and consultancy services.


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