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When renovating your home it important to consider the different resources and help available to you. You may choose to hire one company who deals with all aspects of the renovation, they will usually assign a project manager to oversee the project from start to finish.

Alternatively you may decide to use a number of different specialized contractors to cover the work. For instance, Plumbers, Builders, interior designers, etc. Some Home owners may decide to complete some of the work themselves to save on costs but some jobs will require professional help to ensure the job is done right.

Once the workforce is decided, there is the big job of creating a clear and affordable plan on how the renovation will happen and finding the right materials. Typically home renovations may involve one section or area of the house or the whole house.

Sometimes a renovation will be done on the bathrooms, upgrading bathrooms is one of the major home renovation items followed by upgrading the kitchen and appliances. In other projects the whole house may be in need of work if the entire house needs a major electrical or plumbing system upgrade or soundproofing bedrooms and baths.

It is always important, when hiring outside help, to ask what kind of warranty they offer. Some contractors will only cover the parts and materials while others will offer work warranty and they will come back and perform additional work if the homeowners are not completely satisfied with the work done.

Home renovation projects can be costly but can also add lots of value to an existing home. Expanding a one car garage to allow parking space for two cars is a great added value to any home. Adding new bathrooms and bedrooms also adds lots of value to a home that can go from a modest home to a larger house able to comfortably house a family of four or more.

Another important item to keep in mind in any home renovation is to address the energy saving possibilities of the home. Any plan to renovate a home these days has to come with energy saving as a goal. Energy saving measures will reduce the utility costs in a way that provide major savings for the home owners.

Replacing the bulbs doesn't require a lot but replacing the windows and installing insulated double pane windows but will add value to the house while saving lot of energy and heat to leave the house. Programmable thermostats should also be part of a renovation plan along with solar panels and wind turbines whenever possible. Any energy saving devices added to the house will always repay themselves within a year or two and will always be a great investment.

This article has been given to you by Colin Kimmins of Home Build Help Limited, providing building advice for home users across the UK through a series of self-help packs and consultancy services.


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