Become more efficient with MSP

Large, complex deliveries are often broken down into manageable, inter-related projects. For those managing the programs, Managing Successful programme (MSP) is mandatory. It is the practise of outsourcing day to day IT management responsibilities as responsibilities are a strategic method for improving operations. MSP are the key to deliver on time and within budget.

MSP compromises a set of principles and processes for use when managing a programme. It is founded on best practise although it is not prescriptive. It is very flexible and designed to be adapted to meet the needs of local circumstances.

MSP was developed as a best practise guide on programme management. MSP represents proven programme management best practises in the successful delivery of transformational change through the application of programme management.

The purpose of MSP qualification is to confirm that you have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the MSP guidance to interact effectively with those involved in the management of a programme. This qualification is also a pre requisite for the practitioner’s qualification.

MSP is accessible by programme teams and organisations as well as by individual practitioners. It will help programme management practitioners to improve their decision making at programme level and become better at implementing beneficial change. For example: An MSP calls on Stirling council to award Olympic gold medal winner Andy Murray the freedom of the city. According to the sources HCL info systems had bid about Rs 2200 core for the MSP contract beating TCS, TechMahindra, Wipro and others.

MSP is a best practise guide that aims to help your organisation coordinate and plan all projects so that they support each other and are allocated the necessary resources. It will help you:

. Plan projects to support the programme

. Deliver on time and on budget

. Define responsibilities and lines of communication

. Manage risk and ensure the programme responds to change

. Audit and maintain quality

MSP benefits from extensive experience in creating and then developing the best practise guidance. It complements the approaches and methodologies laid out in Prince2. MSP have been adopted by hundreds of organisations worldwide. Equally applicable to large and small organisations in the public and private sectors, it develops a clear view of the programme’s aims and identifies its benefits. Ensure the programme moves forward.MSP manages the impact of programme on the organisation.

MSP brings together related projects to manage their interdependencies. This course will provide you with a full and complete understanding of the MSP management framework that can be applied to business scenarios in preparation for work on your own programme. This course is designed for practising programme managers, directors, change managers and auditors who wish to gain formal recoginisition of their skills by taking the MSP course.

Of course with MSP  training you can customise or personalise the methodology and guidance to suit your business process, culture and terminology. The MSP is provided as standard as part of the enterprise helping your organisation deliver programmes with confidence and assurance.

“Overall MSP is a useful addition to the armoury of the programme office team and would provide a good basis on which to develop the documentation for a programme.”


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