How Shrink Wrap Equipment Solutions Can Optimize A Businesses Packaging Operation

Shrink wrap packaging polyolefin films offer incredible versatility. Polyolefin films are created in many formulations designed for a wide array of general and specialized applications. Packaging operations can elect to do processes manually (hand shrink wrap packaging/ bundling / unitizing) or automated with shrink wrap equipment. Machine shrink wrapping is typically pursued by those with larger output needs however other benefits can be a deciding factor in optimizing processes with equipment automation. Shrink equipment options and technology vary from entry level to advanced automation solutions. In general, automated systems enable greater efficiencies along with the benefit of consistent delivery in providing dependable and reliable containment packaging output and performance.

In a variety of packaging operations, shrink wrap unitizing and containment can replace other more expensive and bulky alternatives such as corrugate packaging and corrugate boxes. This article will assume the output volume and or quality output requirements are that which uses or is in need of automation with shrink wrap equipment.

In applications that are a good fit for using shrink wrap packaging with equipment, there is the opportunity to experience benefits that could optimize a business packaging operation such as follows.

Shrink Wrap Equipment and Environment Benefits

Reducing carbon foot print and or being kinder to our environment are values that more and more conscientious and responsible minded companies are mandating. Shrink film is thin and light, unlike some other protective packaging options. The inherent thin, light qualities of the shrink film coupled with the improved containment qualities provided when applied with shrink wrap equipment, offers the potential to reduce environmental impact and as such, be a more environmentally friendly option. Examples:

  • The thin material creates less waste (less land fill) after use.
  • Fossil fuels expended in the shipping of product may be reduced when replacing heavier and or bulkier materials.
  • Option to choose biodegradable machine shrink films to eliminate landfill waste.

Shrink Wrap Equipment and Operation Benefits

The thin, light and resilient qualities of shrink film packaging material offers advantages that benefit the packaging operation performance and cost efficiency. Examples:

  • Thin and light machine shrink film supports greater ease of workers to manoeuvre replacement shrink film rolls onto shrink wrap machines compared to those with more bulky or heavy packaging materials / processes. Lighter and easier materials and automation processes can help reduce chance of worker injury. Also the replacement of manual shrink wrapping with machine shrink wrapping reducing worker fatigue and chance of injury.
  • As a non bulk adding packaging material that does not increase product or unit size space, it may enable more products to be transported in the same cargo space. In applications that realize the benefits of being able to fit more products within shipments, there is the potential to reduce shipping costs per unit.
  • Various warehouses, distribution centres and super size retail stores often prefer shrink packaging and mandate its use, due to shrink packaging films producing less waste to dispose of and the savings in storage space.
  • Shrink films use 75% less materials than using corrugate packaging materials.
  • Shrink wrap equipment does not use as much floor space as required by other packaging processes like corrugate.

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