Good First Businesses for Entrepreneurs

Punching in on someone else’s clock from 9-5 may be more trouble than it is worth for a lot of people. You have to deal with your co-workers who will often do everything they can possibly think of to get on your nerves. If you find yourself feeling this way then becoming an entrepreneur might be the right things to do. You would get to set your own rules and make everyone else abide by your standards.

Trying to figure out exactly what kind of business you want to start may be quite the hassle. Oftentimes when a person wants to start their own business they may have to deal with competition from a more advanced company. Always try to create a business that you love doing while at the same time are capable of doing.

Work from Home

  • Plant Nursery - If you are the type of person who loves gardening and has what is called a “green thumb,” then this may be the type of business to be interested in starting. Most of the big nurseries in your area actually buy plants from individuals who grow them at home. Becoming a supplier to the larger nurseries may not be as hard as you may think. You will want to research which plants are in demand during each season. Once you have done your research you will then want to get into contact with your local nurseries.

  • Personal Shopper - Shopping for a lot of people is their favorite pass time. The best thing about becoming a personal shopper if you have a passion for it is that this type of business requires very little start up fees. You would have to try and advertise yourself on the web or by hanging up signs. There are a lot of people who just might not be able to get around a store themselves, and need a personal shopper. The bigger the city you are in the greater your success would be with this kind of business.

  • Window Cleaner - Although it may not seem like it just by hearing the name, window cleaners actually make a very good living. It is estimated that well known window cleaners of the area can make around $60k in one year.

  • Piano Teacher - If you are gifted at the piano and know you way around a music book, then becoming a piano teacher could be your first step towards achieving your goals. It has been said that the majority of people who become piano can use it has a way to support their daily lives. There is always going to be a small child somewhere whose parents want to be educated in music.

  • Internet Assistant - Anyone who is good at managing schedules, creating correspondence as well as any office related skills could become an outsourced internet assistant. Internet assistants are actually in demand, and your best way of going about this type of business is to post ads for yourself on social media websites.

  • Event Planner - If you are the kind of person who is good at planning events or who is often the one everyone comes to when its time to organize a party or wedding then becoming an event planner might be right down your alley. Event planners will always be in demand because there will always be something going on from weddings to birthday parties.

  • Personal Stylist - Any person who is able to catch the eye of others as far as style goes may find that being a personal stylist might be the solution to your business woes. Believe it or not a lot of people will pay you immensely to help them up their image. Image is everything, and usually how a person looks will influence how the rest of the world responds to them. The best part of being someone’s stylist is the face that hardly any training is needed. All you would have to do is just be yourself.

  • Pet Sitter - A love for animals is a talent that is just not learned. Those who possess it have a true gift that is very hard to find. Taking care of someone else’s pet while they are away just may be the business of your dreams, and the best side is that it has hardly any startup costs.

Online Businesses

  • E-book Writer - If you have extensive knowledge in one particular subject or area of life you can become an e-book writer. Becoming an e-book writer is not an easy task for most people. It will require you to do extensive marketing and pitching your books well.

  • Professional blogger - Blogs are an amazing way to communicate and share your opinions to people around the world. The biggest obstacle to face if you want to become a professional blogger is to great increase your search engine optimization (SEO).

  • Web Design - Being able to come up with original ideas for web pages and knowing how to design is sure to attract the interest of a lot of businesses. Becoming a web designer does however require you to have a lot of training and experience.

  • SEO - If you are one of those people who just happens to have a highly trafficked website and have pretty much learned everything there is to know about increasing website traffic then becoming a professional SEO could be the area that benefits you the most. Most companies will pay you large sums of money to get there website and product out there in the eye of mainstream public.

Child Related Business

  • Baby Sitter - This is probably one of the first kinds of jobs that most people think of when it comes to child care. However you should know that if you really want to be successful with your in home child care services that you should get yourself licensed. Most parents feel a lot safer when working with licensed individuals.

  • Tutor - Every parent wants their child to succeed and if you are extremely good at certain school subjects tutoring is probably an area that could work out perfectly for you. 


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